Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Gravy

I would like to tell you my brain is fully functioning, however that would be a lie. Tuesday night, we had a storm blow through and it knocked our power out for a few hours. Left me fixing random things all day Wednesday. We still have not gotten the facebook issue settled for N - we think his account AND email has been hacked. That statement alone is when the brain said see ya.

But wait there's more.

As I was attempting my escape, my Hubs caught me and reminded me we had to do the loading of the carts as the pantry was looking mighty sad. I shoved my head into said sad pantry and gave a look. 3 boxes of discarded poptart flavors that didn't meet the mark, a box of spaghetti noodles, a few soup cans plus or minus 30 other cans and boxes that should be tossed due to expiration dates, and a half used box of microwave popcorn. I pulled my head out, looked the guy square in the eye, and said deal with it and then proceeded to burst into tears.

Hubby looked in vain for some stray chocolate to appease me but found out after making the offer that that was the wrong thing to say. Who am I kidding? There wasn't a blooming thing the man could have said that would have fixed anything. And I was in no mood to listen to his empty promises that the sun will come out tomorrow, so I just gotta hang on until tomorrow because today said you'll never freaking make it, so die Jedi scum!

Oh the drama - I can play it.

Auntie flo is slowly making a retreat. However, there have been several things I have put off and blah, blah, blah I over did it and was sprawled out on the couch feeling each organ giving up the will to live due to lack of blood. My head was pounding and I was sort of freaked out I could hear my own pulse pumping through my veins when Hubs said time to go grocery shopping.

Oh could we, dear?

After I shoveled the dishes out of the sink, ran the dishwasher - twice, did a few loads of laundry, got 1 project done with J, helped M with his math, and tried to figure out what is going on with N's facebook account - my brain is fried. My body was spent. Aaand I didn't have the grocery list done and could not come up with anything else to cook for these ungrateful men people that don't have to live with cramps that can take you to the floor.

Pant, pant, wheez

All I can say is thank God Hubby did ask, 'how was your day' or I may have smacked him. I try to let the eye twitch do all my cussing. Doesn't work too well, just ask my children. But bless their hearts, they still pray every day I'll get saved or my mouth will.

I would like to tell you I had some amusing story while at stuffmart but I was so out of it I don't remember much. I did hear at one point I was screaming, "Save yourselves!" while throwing bags of Reese cups into my cart. I have no idea. I was trying to find a happy place but it kept booting me off said it was closed for construction or something. Either that or there is no way to reach the entrance to one's happy place while stuck in the middle of stuffmart.

I just re-read that last sentence and busted out laughing as you can take that in a few directions.

Wonder where those bags of Reese cups are at...


Julie said...

Hope your day starts looking up!

rthling said...

Your title made me think of the movie line, "I don't want to be a pie. I don't like gravy!"
Quick! Name that movie!

Joanna said...

Chicken Run?

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

I read your title Good Grave and thought OMG what has happened? Atleast you hubby asked you how your day was. And you are so right Flo can knock you to the floor.
Hope the sun will come out tomorrow for you :)

Kerri said...

Oh vey. I do love your stuff mart posts...even when they cause you drama (sorry! I'm a bad friend!)
I looooove me some Reese's PB cups. Mmmmm Mmmm.
Hope you're feeling better!!!