Friday, September 24, 2010

Hooray It's Friday

I remember one time making a comment about being happy it was Friday when I was given the evil glare of you don't work so why should you care. Excuse me? You think I don't work?? How about I don't get paid for my work, there is no lunch break, there is no paid vacations. There is only the hope that what others have deemed a waste will one day bloom into something wonderful.

But I digress.

I am so happy because no school on the weekend and right now that last nerve is pulsing. The older boys have this annoying habit of clicking their pens - over and over and over. When they aren't doing school work then they are drumming on just about everything. And in the on-going sense of irony, I can't stand to listen to repeated things over and over. Now if Hubs were to read that he would fall down laughing because I tend to repeat myself - over and over and over. However, the drumming on everything they got from him, so wise man that he is doesn't say a word.

I was going to escape yesterday as my hair really needs cut. It is causing so much angst that there will be a blog post about it. But I ended up taking 4 different naps on the most uncomfortable couch as I had no energy to stand let alone stay awake. This does not make a good escape. Sprawled out on the couch muttering I think I can, I think I can just doesn't cut it.

Today looks like I can stay in an upright condition however when I stand up, what little blood supply I have left leaves the brain and it starts to sing random songs. Then I forget what I was doing and the next thing I know I'm sprawled on the couch again.

"Missed it by that much."

I've been eyeing a pair of scissors. I'm worried I'll do something drastic like cut my own hair. More like I'll put my sad limp hair into a ponytail and cut that off. I told Hubs I needed intervention and he asked me to be more specific cuz that is a long list. Har-dee-har-har. And yet he was shocked when I announced I wasn't cooking dinner tonight. I said add it to the list.

Dang, there was something else I was going to add but it is now goooone. Well on that note, hope you have a great weekend.


rthling said...
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rthling said...

Just when I thought we couldn't get any more alike, you go and, "And in the on-going sense of irony, I can't stand to listen to repeated things over and over" on me!
Oh. My. Goodness!
I HATE repeated things: tapping, crackling, gum smacking, the sound of someone chewing or crunching something, anything repetitive.
My son likes to repeat himself whenever he says something he finds funny, gross, fun to say, unique, or just generally annoying. I have to make myself remember that it's just a thing he does. He's not trying to annoy me, although he is successful anyway.
(I had to ad spaces to that so you could read it, but it's what comes out of my brain in moments such as those.)

Renee said...

I've awarded you the One Lovely Blog award. Here's the link: Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading it.

Kerri said...

I'm so with you on the clicking and tapping. I become like obsessed and can't hear ANYTHING else but that. Hideous!!

Joanna said...

D - hee hee at least I'm not the only person that thinks that.

Thanks Renee!

Kerri I think it's a girl thing.

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Hope you had a great weekend and hope you didn't get the scissors out and cut you own hair.
I am with you that tapping on anything by anyone drives me nuts. My husband does this on the steering wheel and it is so annoying.
Great post, made me laugh again :)

jubilee said...

My daughter repeats herself and any noise she thinks is funny. Sometimes I think she thinks she's a boy!