Monday, September 6, 2010

Now Where Did I Put That Cliff?

Oh InterPeeps, it was not a pleasant weekend. We had cooler weather which is about the only good I can focus on right now. And this is after the chocolate was consumed. Lots of clouds and rain. The garage sale didn't go as well as we hoped as we were stuck with all the big stuff. I will say that I won't do a garage sale ever again. Too much work. Although there is talk of us doing a moving sale - whenever that will be.

I may just hit myself in the head repeatedly instead.

Hubby wasn't really all that into it to begin with. It required his muscles to heft things like a washing machine that doesn't agitate, or an oven that its only flaw was to be owned by my parents and therefore sat in our garage for the last few years - none of these big bulky things sold. Which means Hubby moved it out of his way for a week and then moved it back in his way all for nothing.

Good times.

The teenage angst I got off and on all weekend was tempting me to toss them off the cliff. How I ever survived without them constantly telling me how I don't do things right is beyond me. Oh my gosh, they took over where my mother left off!!

Now that's just low.

We did make it up to them. Auntie flo was just having a field day with me so I announced I quit. Hubs decided we should take the guys to AppleBee's from some of the moolah we got. They have a 2 for $20 deal going on. Older 2 boys did that and so did Hubs and I, leaving Jared to eat his favorite which is anything with bacon. And if it can be on a cheeseburger then truly the world can't get any better for him. This has appeased the male offspring. I think at this stage of their life, food is their love language. Michael always thanks me, terrified that if he doesn't let it be known he is grateful than the horrible she-beast will quit and he will starve.

I'm not that lucky.

What can I say? Dear crazy auntie hasn't been very kind this round.

Speaking of evil females, I gave that book about finding emotional healing with your mother a quick glance. This is not going to be pretty. I didn't make it beyond the intro without tossing the book across the room. Whoopsies. Nothing like stepping onto some hot coals of ugly emotions. I think the thing that set me off was when it talked about when you have a kid and you think oh crap, I want my mommy. Yeah, I didn't have that. Matter of fact, my Mom's motto was don't call me, I'll call you because I'm too busy with your brother's kids and cleaning up his never ending mess.

Trouble with that is those pesky nasty hidden emotions that I used to keep at bay with a bag of cookies has now managed to escape. Since I'm being a good wife and taking my Herbalife, and no effing cookies, there is nothing to keep those emotions pinned down.

Houston, we have a problem.

Kerri and I started up our bible study on Ruth. The funny thing is I am so identifying with Naomi, who wanted to change her name to bitter. Oh yeah, babe, I am so feeling ya. One of my fav authors Liz Curtis Higgs wrote a book with a Ruth theme and found myself nodding my head as they had everything stripped away from them little by little forcing them to leave. I'm trying not to be all bitter that I have to wait for the second book to come out in March to find out the rest of the story.

So I've had a few weeks of just emotions going up and down, and side to side. I feel spent and slightly nauseous.

Then Fuschia puts on her blog about feeding the soul. She said that she's fed her spirit but the soul - the mind, will, and emotions - hasn't been taken care of to the same degree. There has been a loud click with that and I'm so curious to see where she goes with it.

Mine have been running on fumes for a long time.

We were doing our family bible study and some stuff came up and talking about all the unknown changes on the horizon and what we thought about it. The boys all have positive outlooks and I caught myself thinking just wait until life hammers the crap out of you and let's see how you feel then. I can't quite remember what Hubs was saying but he started laughing and said, 'little did he know' and there seems to be something to it.

Life hadn't gone as planned and while there was much to feel down about, little did she know that things where going to change and it was going to be for the better...

Sounds like the making of a great story.


Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

You still are cracking me up, I am gone for a year and a half, come back to visit you and you make me laugh. Isn't that what blogging and life is supposed to be about anyways? I have decided to try and blog again and posted today for the 1st time in a very long time. Looking forward to checking in on you and seeing what is up! Edwina

Joanna said...

Edwina!!! Nice to see you in bloggy world. I will hop over. :)