Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh Happy Day

When we last left our heroine she was trying to find a cliff to toss herself off of. She even vowed to find a cliff and do the deed but she was tackled by the spawn that asked if she could load up the pantry before she off herself.

Truly I am loved.

I should have know this was going to go down like this. I had a couple different blog angles to go with and sure enough the brain has decided to steal the show as it has, yet again, run out of the room screaming. It's sitting over in the corner sort of twitching. So sad. I tossed some chocolate at it but it threw it back, said it knew it was an attempt at bribery. Dang, it figured that out way too early in the game. This is not looking good.

If you are asking why then you must be new here. Actually, the brain escaping and going for it's 3rd emmy isn't from dramatics, it's more from being tired and really, really not wanting to go grocery shopping. I'm a bit cheesed off that it seems like the time for the loading of the carts was upon us yet again. For reals? Again????

"Not happy, Bob. Not happy."

But it did mean that I didn't have to cook dinner, so any day I don't have to cook is a happy day for me. Which is odd because I'm not a bad cook. I know people that you would gladly pay them not to cook. That doesn't apply to me. And I have quite the stash of recipes so I'm not making the same thing week after week. But the willingness to do so is sorely lacking. Hubby did find me in the kitchen one night begging God to set me free from bondage of cooking the casseroles.

I'm still laughing at the look on his face. He loves casseroles. Must have been one stellar performance because I woke up this morning to a totally clean kitchen and there is talk of the guys going camping again soon. I knew that crazy eye-twitch would pay off eventually.

In other news, school has been going great. The guys are all tackling their school stuff and gasp! have even enjoyed learning something new. The older 2 are actually getting Algebra. The funny thing is I sat down and flipped through a few pages and I understood it all. 20 years later and I finally get it. This may put me in the dull pencil category.

The shame and horror of it all.

And I'm not sure if that applies to that I finally understand it or that it took me this long.

Jared gets gold stars across the board! We were having some computer issues and it was enough that I wanted to kick the computer out the side door. He hung in there and did a full days worth without losing his marbles at the frustration of it all. Hubby fixed it and dude smoked his school stuff in no time flat.

Both Nicholas and Michael have just seemed to have turned a corner and things have been going well for both of them. It's been nice to see. After the last few years of ups and downs - beyond relief to see the changes with them. They are so tickled that music is part of their school stuff that it's cracking me up. They both spent 2 hours on music stuff yesterday and didn't even know it. Michael was frustrated that his fingers were sore from playing the guitar until I told him how long he was at it and he was a bit shocked. Nicholas had the same with piano - he flew threw 4 lessons and would have kept going if I didn't tell him to stop.

And Nicholas is reading - a hard book - on his own.

Cue another round from the hallelujah chorus.

I don't know what corner we turned but it has been nice. Very nice. Amazingly nice.


Dianne said...

See, rapture practice is working. What else can you attribute it too? Making headway on the Florida begging.

Young Wife said...

Wow! I am so glad to hear the boys are doing so well in school!

Julie said...

Your post gives me hope! ... Maybe something will click with my Jared soon! ... He is quite smart, but when it comes to school work, he is QUITE LAZY! *lol* (and I say that with love ;) )

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Begging for God to deliver you from casseroles...Scary, so much like me in that area of life. I love my Fridays, but detest the shopping buggy.

Kerri said...

YAY!! Sounds awesome. We haven't started "officially" because of one debacle after another. Maybe today. Maybe not. The kid is smarter than many Kindergartners, so whatevah.