Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh Monday How We Hate Thee

May you never be in my presence again! It was not a fun day to say the least. One thing after another was the theme for Monday.

My heart is hurting for Nicholas. Facebook upped and disabled his account. Said he wasn't listed on a High School listing and therefore disabled his account. Turns out his brothers haven't been disabled, just his - the techie of the group. The one that uses it all.the.time.

Emails have been sent. Blown off responses were returned. Turns out after scanning through a lot of fine print, the powers that be use facebook to keep track of the kids and monitor the kids that attend their school. Makes sense BUT I'm thinking facebook is prejudiced against homeschoolers. We never knew we had to list a school. It never gave noticed and when you click on the link for homeschoolers and error pops up still leaving you locked out of the account. We got on Michael's account to see if we could list some type of school before his was disabled but we weren't able to find anything. Like I said the link they provide doesn't do jack squat.

My Dude is crushed.

He did nothing wrong.

They better hope I never find them.

They keep telling him to read the rules and regulation. He did and he hasn't done anything wrong. He looked at me with his eye twitching and announced he was a level 250 or something on Mafia Wars and asked if he would have to start all over again.

Okay, I truly felt his pain because as much facebook games as I play? I would drop to the floor and sob out a long why??? Truly a testimony that I have no life. And it seems my spawn has this same problem.

So far from what I've gathered this has happened to a lot of homeschoolers and there is no way to get the account back. You have to set up a new one, with a new email address, and try to fill out all their info. I'm steamed because they gave no such noticed and for them to declare it is part of their rules but giving no chance to fix it is just bull hockey. We didn't have this problem last year. So to just yank it with no notice really cheeses me off.

I tried all my powers that be, what little they are, and was informed that it's his account and I can't do jack about it. I emailed back that he didn't do anything to violate their rules and I've yet to get a response.

So that and several other must deal with this right now stuff came up today. And Monday nights is trash night so the guys had to gather the trash which is about equal to pulling teeth from a very cheesed off alligator - with a license to chomp.

I felt so bad for N but I did hear him self talking himself to hang in there as it's only 6 weeks and 5 days and the DSi will make it all worth while. Although M did say especially when you have to redo everything you had set up on your old facebook account.

If looks could kill. Grace for your twin must be something very deep and spiritual. Had anyone else said that they would have been 'dead before dessert.'

So I am happy it is past midnight. I hope we don't have a Monday like that again. EVER! And I hope by some miracle we can get his account back. I did mention that was the boy's life, right?


Dianne said...

Hey! It wouldnt let me leave a comment at first. Conspiracy. Tell dude I will send him as much stuff for Mafia wars as they will let me.

Joanna said...

Well he got an email saying it was their fault - something about security issues. His account is back up BUT he still can't log on and it said the security has expired. Seems like there are still issues on their end and we're going to send off another round of emails. Hoping to get this fixed.

Julie said...

It's nice that they are... sorta... working on it. They never replied to any of the boys' Emails (which I sent in their names, *lol*) ... But when I resigned them back up, I made SURE to put the local high school in, so they wouldn't get booted off again.


Chris said...

be careful how much you yell... what if they cut YOU off:)

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

I can't believe that, how dare they do that. School is school no matter where you teach from. Speaking of the FB games, I am so addicted I need to got to FBA very soon. Great post.

Young Wife said...

That's terrible! How weird that it only affected one of your boys.

Joanna said...

We now think his account AND email address has been hacked. It is making my head explode. I'm a little concern as Nicholas has been twitching in the corner. He's having withdrawls.