Friday, September 3, 2010

This'll Be Quick

I may, or may not, have thought about tossing myself off a cliff but the whole lacking cliff part sort of puts those plans on hold.

Day 1 of garage sale was a bit wet. I was telling Hubby that Friday should be better weather. Sort of skert that the weather heard that comment and is giving me an answer of what to expect for tomorrow. To say the heavens broke forth with water is an understatement. Right now we have a storm that is pretending to be a hurricane. What a poser!

But with the lights flashing and my butt dragging, I will end this and go to bed. Thought I would just say hey before my 4 readers give up on me.


jubilee said...

We had yucky rain earlier. Now the wind is just blowing like cray-zee. Lots of blue skies and big fluffy white clouds. I'll pray they come your way!

Julie said...

Hope it dries out so you can have a good sale!!!

Dianne said...

Had a woman tell me at the store that she didnt read my blog because I didnt update often enough. Yes, she was a "church" lady. Do I look like I care? I just gave her the stank eye and said, "Well, I have CANCER".

Kristen @ said...

aww I'm sorry!! Rain is good sometimes but definitely not for garage sales :(

Anonymous said...

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