Friday, October 15, 2010


Thursday was a rotten day. Hubs didn't work Wednesday due to weather. So he spent a lot of time trying to get pre-approval for another vehicle. We thought we had pre-approval. We were led to believe that the dealer would work with us with our credit history and the vehicle we were looking at.


We had to limp our van out there. Hoopty-mobile made it out there fine. We test drove the vehicle - the guys were head over heels in love. Then we go to see how we were going to swing this only to get totally screwed. It was about as close to them spitting on us and then kicking Hubs in the kiwis.

It was bad.

The price for the vehicle was just over 9,000. We had saved money to where we were going to put 1,000 down and we knew we were not going to get a good deal on interest. But they changed the price to 15,000 said it was the fee for us having crappy credit history so it was the privilege to borrow money fee. And let's not even talk about the interest rate. The monthly bill was beyond what we could do.

Then they had the gull to push on us a mini van that isn't much better off then the van we have. They also upped the price on that by a couple thousand because we suck.

I have no problem walking away from a bad deal. But what cut me to the core is when Jared burst into tears. I don't mean teary eyed, I mean full water works. He even said but they said on the phone that is was a go on that vehicle so what the heck? No kidding, dude.

I felt awful. Hubs felt awful. We drove away. By this time is was late and we were starving and still quite a ways from home. We grabbed McDs and talked about it with the guys and why we had to walk away. Then we go to head home and the van over heats. Luckily we found an Auto-zone and Hubs ran in to buy some anti-freeze. But we had to wait for a while for the van to stop smoking. Filled it up and limped back home. We got home and we can tell the van is way worse off now than before.

The thing I'm struggling with is that we really felt like God was giving us a go and blah, blah, blah we are talking weeks of being in prayer and trying to have all the i's dotted and all the t's crossed. We are trying not to bite off more than we can chew and if that was so out of our range no biggie we can shift. But to get the green light, this time, and on that vehicle and to go through that? Sucked big dirty rocks.

Friend of mine saw my facebook status so called and was very much 'it happened for a reason'. Please all you people that aren't going through the toilet bowl of life, when you say all the cute little phrases but you yourself haven't gone through jack? Keep it to yourself because it isn't encouraging - it's only rubbing in salt on an already bleeding wound. I didn't ask for your two cents, I'm not asking you to fix it, but keep the warm gooey thoughts to yourself especially when you haven't gone through hardships, m'kay? All it does is pile on more feelings of failure. Goodness knows I have those in spades.


Young Wife said...

That is terrible! It makes me so mad when companies are deceptive like that. Just said a prayer for you.

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Kerri said...

: ( I'm so sorry. I wub you. There are places that will finance ANYONE, and you can get a decent car. Sometimes you have to make weekly payments, but hey, if you can get a reliable vehicle, does it really matter? Looking forward to tomorrow night!!!! I'll pick you up as close to 4:30 as I can.