Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Hair Saga

I had a few people tell me I should put a picture of me on my profile and ditch the cat. But I think the cat and I have soo much in common. We both wear glasses, we both have fake hair, if I let myself go I'm pretty sure I would be just as fuzzy, and we both have the tongue sticking out way of life that just screams, "bite me!"

Maybe that really IS a picture of me.

How is it possible the stuff we grow off our heads can cause so much angst, I ask you? When it's a bad hair day I'm pretty sure you can use it as a legal defense for committing a couple of crimes. But that's only if you get a female judge and an all women jury. Good luck with that.

I have loved Babs. So much so that I even did her own blog post. Trouble with Babs is that all the pulling of my own hair through the holes and taking it off has, over time, caused a lot of friction. Thus the wear and tear of it has left Babs to the point that she has her own bald spots.

Bless her heart.

The guy that cuts my hair, and has for years, is 50 minutes away. That is a lot to ask, especially from my hoopty van that scares the bejeebers out of me as the days pass. It's days are numbered so I want to limp it along for as long as I can. Things were tight financially and before long my hair was a lot longer than Babs.

There was a big old sale from the website I order from and I was able to get what I thought was a longer Babs. Trouble with that is I have no stinking clue what all these hair and wig people's lingo is so I guess a fall is not the same as a pull through wig but it sort of is.

I know, right?

While Babbette, full name because it was longer, acted very much like my own hair - straight on top but ends with curls and ringlets - I was still not happy. I had to sort of clip it up on the sides. I had the same hair style when I was 17!! I made it work and it was cute. And much like my own hair, the ends were constantly getting tangled. I would spend a while combing out all the snarls on both my own hair and my fake hair. Now that is messed up!

Like all women, I screamed, 'I hate my hair' and I was not a happy camper. Throwing that gauntlet down and striking fear into any man's heart, Hubs said to begin the quest of fixing it. I now wonder if that is guys speak for shut up and do something about it. I'm still convinced that Hubby is trying to buy his way out of the dog house, which will be for another post.

Sadly, Babs is no longer made. I am not a fan of discontinued. This wrecked my plan until....I saw this sassy little number but this was not messing around - it was a short full wig. Again, huge sale, major discount, and I got something that normally costs around $200 for $75. My only complaint is that it didn't have a clip in it. I'm thinking of yanking the ones out of Babs and sewing it on to the new one.

And the sass? She brings it. So much so that the guys all dubbed the thing Sassy from the moment it was on my head. This puppy is a full wig but my Mom cut my own hair perfectly to match and some of my hair pops through.

She didn't even know about it cuz that's how I roll. Worked like a charm.

It is super cute and sassy. Kerri informed me I look hot. The guys all said dang I look good. Personally, I think they are just saying that because I've been rocking the bathrobe for a bit too long as I'm still trying to recover from the revenge of aunt flo. Anything has got to be better than that. But it is rather fun to have a sassy new do.

Say hello to Sassy!

The guys said the picture doesn't do it justice. Love it!


Kerri said...

It's GORGEOUS!!!! Flippy and shiny and sassy...the PERFECT color! You go girl!!

Julie said...

It IS really cute! I wish I was good at the hair thing, to make my hair look like that.

Of course, my hair is getting so thin that I may need to look into getting one of those too...

Debbie said...

It's adorable! You look great.

Joanna said...

Why thank you.

jubilee said...

It IS soooo cute!