Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Would Be Willing To Cause Harm For Some Candy Corn Right Now

Oh yes, it is that bad. You ever have those moments where you just see something and it reaches across the room, grabs you by the throat, and says, "come here, lover"? Or maybe it's the other way around. I've been known to grab a bag or 7 muttering those words. Who knows? It's all so fuzzy right now with the lack of candy corn going on.

Good news! The left side of my body decided to take a chill pill and has been playing nicely. However, I have heard rumors it's holding the right side hostage for said candy corn. This may turn into an episode. Especially since I found out the guys inhaled all the candy.


Speaking of...

Nicholas is still on the count down to his birthday. I really need to come up with some evil plan to get back at him for this. I'm sure it will come to me once I have some candy corn. But I feel, yet again, that this is the calm before the storm. Only a few more weeks and then hang on to your boots, here come the holidays! Which will go until about the middle of January where you will find me in a heap on the floor, trying to click my ruby slippers saying I freaking quit!

But that's just me.

I just realized I need to call my MIL and see what the plan and schedule will be looking like. I wonder if I can get away with just handing people a loaf of bread, a jar of PB, and wishing them the best of luck? Yeah, probably not. But I can dream, can't I?

I will say I'm a wee bit nervous with this visit. We were able to keep my folks out of the picture for the last b-day but they informed us that won't be the case this time. While we had a good visit, I'm sort of freaked out to have my Mom and my MIL in the same room. I'm thinking all old bets on who would remain standing would still apply. I did ask them to just come up a few days before so as to avoid tension. We shall see. But my in-laws have dropped a truck load of hints and offers to shower us with help if we move to PA to be near them.

Words fail me. I mean there is only so many ways to type hell no, right?

Got to love the holidays. Nothing brings family angst closer to the flames. I bet it would all be better with candy corn. Or I could put myself into a candy corn coma and not be aware of anything. I would cackle with glee with my new evil plan but my guys would never let candy corn last longer than 3 days.

Back to square 1. Dang it.


rthling said...

Candy corn + salted peanuts = tastes like a payday candy bar.
Go ahead. Try it. I dare ya.
You're welcome.

Praise and Coffee said...

If I had known your trauma, I would have stopped by today with a bag of candy corn!

Kerri said...

OOOhh, yes! Candy con and DRY ROASTED peanuts. You will never be the same.