Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Snot Funny

If it wasn't for the fact that I am told 20 times a day how many days it is until b-day, I would think it's the beginning of October. But no, it's not. Which means I should probably sit down and pay bills.

Oh happy day.

Our weekend went weird. We all had massive plugged noses that decided to instantly turn runny. I think we all carried around a box of Kleenex all weekend long for the fallout. Thank goodness trash goes out tonight because it is overflowing with tissue. But we all look so cute with matching chapped noses. Darn Hubby and his cheap tissue ways! I finally got him to get generic lotion tissues but those are the first to go.

Jared said, "I guess it's time to break out the tampons." I feel for his future wife. All I can hope is that the rapture happens and it just wasn't in the plan for him. In all honestly, I only did it once. Desperate times calls for desperate measures and whatnot that I found myself without Kleenexes and had to resort in using a light tampon shoved up my nose. It was either that or a flipping towel. Yes, it really was that bad. Since I HATE it with a passion to hear the guys sniff and snort rather than just blow their noses, I resorted to have the drips stopped up. And how convenient, it came with a pull string.

I think this was one of my qualifying reasons for the Worst Parent Awards. Something along the lines of mental scarring. Whatever. After I stopped laughing, I had to inform J that his nose is too little for the big guns. You would think I would have learned what words to avoid because the word gun triggered his response of hey can we have yet another Nerf war?

Oh could you??

It is rather cute to see Hubby dear having a second childhood. Although if the stories are true, this may be his first. More Nerf wars - me huddled in corner. And ya'll wonder why I play so many facebook games.

I'm trying really hard to get the guys to crank out some extra work so we can have a few days off. My folks are coming up next week and so are the in-laws. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed, and my folks will only come up for a day - before the in-laws arrive.

"And there was much rejoicing in the land. Yay."

I think next week is going to be touch and go on blogging. Then again, I may need a few therapy sessions and this could turn into yet another epic 'dear Lord, why are you putting me through this?' I did laugh though - my bible study today in Ruth was about being humble. I shouldn't scorn this time of being humbled as it is preparing me for a blessing. When we did our bible study yesterday both Hubs and I got new beginnings and new building. I'm rather happy with that new part.

Before I forget - shout out to Jill V for her birthday. Holla!


Kerri said...

Hey girlie,
I've been sick too...I don't have the nose issue though...everything comes out the trach. But I feel your pain...I can't believe Jared said that...htat is freain' hilarious!!!

Joanna said...

Seriously? This is my kid. Where do you think he got it from?? ;)

Julie said...

Sorry to hear you've all been sick. The sickies are going around our house too. *sigh*

Hope you have a good visit with the families....