Monday, October 18, 2010

Pass The Point Of No Return

So I'm thinking the police report will show evidence that I was driven to the point of no return by all the noise that guys can make. The repetition of the clicking, the drumming, the whatever noise they feel like making over and over and over is what, I'm pretty sure, will do me in. I just looked at M who was rocking out a drum solo with his pen on the table. When the eye twitch started to keep the beat, he asked if that was bothering me.

Geez, ya think???

How was your weekend? The guys spent the entire weekend in epic Nerfdom. It's so nice to see Hubs take out the stress of life by hosing our spawn down with nerf darts. There was talk about nothing but an all nerf Christmas.

Help me.

Hubs asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said a few days at a hotel. They all laughed and said I'm so funny. Except I wasn't joking. I'm starting to get a complex that no one takes me seriously.

Thankfully I am about a half hour away of getting out of here to go do some McTalking. Except we aren't doing McDs as Kerri is now convinced the golden arches is killing us all. But what a way to go!


Kerri said...

Yes, but Wendy's made me sick! So I think we'll go back to McTalking!!!!