Monday, November 1, 2010

It May Have Been A Tie

I really have no idea why I didn't post this YESTERDAY but I never claimed to playing with a full deck.

Well the weekend was a blur. Friday night mah Hubster figured out if he was ever going to live to see another Nerf war he better spend some quality time with wife pooh or she was going to lose it.

Which is funny because that makes it sound like I actually HAD something to lose.

Moving on...

The guys were gone most of Saturday and the sheer peace and quiet made me a tad bit giddy. The quiet - it was almost holy. So I had some serious bible study/journaling/massive prayer of Dear God please help me!! And no one interrupted me, ask me what I was crying about now, or awkwardly ask for something.

Like I said - sheer bliss.

The guys did come home, and I will own up that I was happy they didn't come home armed this time. They had a fabulous time and there was much guy talk and guy speak that I was thankfully I didn't have to suffer my way through it. They continued their story and I fell asleep in the chair while they were talking.

I took some snark for that.

But it worked to my advantage because no one wanted to wake me for fear of their lives so Hubs went and got pizza. I woke up needing to squeegee my face from all the drool. I did fall asleep basically upright with my head tilted at a painful angle so you just know it wasn't going to end well. The good news is I didn't have to cook - that is ALL that mattered.

Sunday rolled around and after this and that we loaded up the spawn in Clifford the big red truck and let them pick out a game for their b-day. There was some serious hand-wringing going on until N found the game he has been talking about. Don't ask cuz chances are I have no clue.

After that we wandered around Target for a while. The guys were checking out all the Nerf stuff. Once they were done I decided to get revenge and dragged them all to the underwear section looking for a bra. I have no idea how I birthed the moral police, but these guys HATE it and will cover their eyes or look only at their shoes while I'm hunting around for a bra. They mutter all kinds of evil comments like why can't you do this when we aren't around to which I ask them when do I EVER get away from them??? That shuts them up because they know that's just gonna bring out the bitter.

Girl time? Ha! Shopping?? Double ha ha. I'm too busy worrying about how are we going to cover that bill to worry about shopping. I know - I feel like this is a form of abuse but I'm sort of stuck and unable to fix the situation.

After we left there, we headed to our tradition of Steak n Shake. We don't celebrate Halloween - to each his own. We buy the kids a butt load of candy that they don't have to share and get the heck out of dodge. Steak n Shake works especially since they have their Christmas flavors out early. Oh happy day!! We got to have white chocolate shakes! I am still happy over it.

Yes, I know I am that pathetic but I have to find my happy moments whenever I can find them as they are so few to be had.

But sadly, the epic battle of stench didn't go down quite like I had hoped. J man has been in denial about his wardrobe - as in he's been squeezing his butt into clothes that just doesn't have that kind of stretchy ability. Turns out his older brothers have been holding out on him and have been hording shirts.

There's a big surprise.

So after I forced the older 2 to go through their clothes, J has a whole new wardrobe going on. Except for some reason he needs jeans. He tried on a truck load and none of them fit. Seems like all my boys have hit a chubby stage at that 10-12 yr stage. J is taller than what his brothers were at this stage sooo once they started stretching out they were already slimmer. So all those jeans were a no go. I need a moment to pause as I try not to cry. Whole stack of jeans and none of them fit.

Then I had to go through J's draws. Good gravy! Someone was taking some major laps in the pool of denial! He had shirts crammed into the corner that he hasn't been able to wear in years. No wonder the boy always looks like he crawled out from under a rock. Needless to say, I purged his clothes so he now has room for his new hand-me-downs. I love that he loves hand-me-downs! Or this would be awkward and what I would have to tell him are called the hard knocks of life. Now I just got to get Hubby to take the 2 very huge bags full of clothes to Goodwill.

After all the stuff was bagged and tagged, I did noticed their room wasn't as odoriferous so it was one small step for nostril freedom.

And in further you have got to be kidding me news known as my life; my folks called to say they can't come up tomorrow cuz the government basically raided their bank account and now they have no money. They were pretty calm about it and said it's just games all while I tried to swallow my throat. Can't help but feel like the ghost of Christmas past is trying to hover around for another visit. I feel bad for the guys as they are going to get let down again to which they said they are used to it. They said at least this way they don't have to worry about a visit. Sigh


Shell said...

One small step for nostril freedom? LOL

I am really craving Steak and Shake right now. White Chocolate milkshakes. Mmmmmm!

Julie said...

I wish they had one of those "Steak and Shake" places over here. It sounds super good!

My kids don't mind hand-me-downs either. It's just too bad that the boys wear the same size clothes, and don't get to share anymore! *lol*

rthling said...

We have officially gotten to the year where Hailey is no longer rich with hand-me-downs. Every season has been a blessing of stuff her cousin has passed down her her. Not anymore. She has reached grown up size, where all of B's clothes were either worn out, or kept. Time to hit ye olde Goodwill.
And what is it with the chubby 10-12 year old stage? Scary. I hope he gains some height, else Caleb will look too much like mom soon, boobs and all.

jubilee said...

I am so using: One small step for nostril freedom! What a great line!

My two youngest has scads of clothing under their beds ( a place I try to avoid at all costs), now, guess who is expected to wash them all in the next two days?! Gah!

Anonymous said...
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Kerri said...

I'm glad I read the next post first so know everything turned out oky with your folks or I'd be a mess!! I knew you had a superbusy week so I didn't bug you, but we have to set a time for Ruth.