Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just Hanging Out

Thought I would toss out there that we are alive and well. Had a gasp! good visit with my folks. And they brought food and Mom cooked it so I didn't have to wait on them - oh happy day.

Watched Toy Story 3 twice now with J and I didn't even cry - this time.

Trying to finish up the last of the cleaning before the in-laws get here. Not sure when that will be but hey, they'll get here eventually.

Hubster is so tormenting the guys - he's letting them read the manual for their DSi. Sort of cruel yet has a touch of genius to it. They have finally stopped talking about the DSi because they are too busy reading how to use it.

And there was a moment of peace....

I did say a moment. Now they are reading me parts of the thing.

Do they give epidurals for later in life? Wait, that only blocks the pain from the waist down. I think I need something for the neck up.


Julie said...

What did you think of the ending of TS3? ... It actually depressed me... *lol*

Joanna said...

First time I saw it, I was fighting tears. Second time around, I see it from a different view - letting go and moving on. Sort of bitter sweet. :}

Kerri said...

I know I"ll bawl and my boy's only 4!

jubilee said...

Just saw TS3 last Monday. Thought it was a sweet ending. Then again, I was fighting sleepiness and popcorn cravings (the chickadees finished of the popcorn before I got much of it.) What did I miss?

I took my son's DS from him when his behavior went down the tubes. It's mine now, but he's still completely obsessed with it. Gah!