Saturday, November 6, 2010

Maybe I'm Getting Better

Today the twins are 15. I can't wrap my head around it but I'm not all Sunrise, Sunset about it this year. It just feels weird. Didn't they just turn 13? I was finally accepting the whole teenager thing and they're how old now???

They have declared this the best birthday ever. Thankfully, they say this every year.

We caved and gave them their DSis early. It was either that or I was going to wrap Nicholas' head in duct tape if I had to hear about it 1 more time. We took them shopping and then their Pap suggested we take them to Old Country Buffet.


It was something to watch.

2 teenagers who finally felt full. And there was lifting of holy hands in worship. At least we would have if we could have lifted our arms. Let's just say we got our money's worth.

In-laws got the boys winter coats and I about did a lap of happy right at the wally world.

So all in all things are going well.

I really want to write a mushy post and tell them how proud I am of them. How much they have changed this last year - for the good - and how I see little glimmers of the men they are going to be. Takes my breath away! I can honestly say they are the best of Fred and the best of me - a little crazy at times but they are more balanced than either one of us can ever hope to be.

Now how do say that without getting an eye roll?

Nicholas and Michael - you are strong young men who love the Lord. You both have hearts for Him in different ways. Follow after Him, even when it doesn't make sense and always remember to keep your sense of humor. Laugh! Laugh at the good things, especially laugh at the bad in life that wants to hold you down. You both have taught me so much and oh, how I ache to be a better mom for you guys! Who knows? Maybe someday I'll have my act together but I think you'll already be grown by then. Hang on to the things we've taught you, learn from our mistakes, disregard our faults as we all have them, and remember to extend grace as it may be you who need it some day.

I love you both so much and I hope you know my heart when words fail me. Your Dad and I are so proud of you guys. Glad we're a posse, our 5 amigos.

Okay, I just snotted myself so I'm ending this. But I can tell you they had a great time celebrating.


Kerri said...

Thanks for making me bawl! You should have put the "lap of happy around wally world" AFTER the I'm just driveling. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS!!!

Debbie said...

Happy birthday to them! Mine are 19 and I do feel old. Next they will be in their 20s!

Julie said...

Happy birthday to N and M!!! 15! Wow!

I'm glad they had such a great birthday!

Young Wife said...

Awww...happy birthday Nicholas and Michael!

jubilee said...


(a little late to the party, sorry. getting caught up tho)