Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh Monday - You Better Be Nice

Here I sit, with nothing going through my head. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. The weekend went by way too fast. I'm not entirely convinced that tomorrow is Monday. It should only be Friday night.

Wishful thinking.

We played Risk with the guys. I was blown off the map rather quickly. I just wasn't in the killer mood I guess. Didn't move when I should of and it cost me. Oh well. It was down between Michael and Nicholas and they were duking it out. At 1 am they called it a night and it took them most of Sunday to finish the game. Michael won and Nicholas is not happy. Then the guys had another Nerf war. I wonder if Nicholas will make it all the way until the weekend before he throws down a challenge.

Translation: guy heaven.

But I'm left with the sad reality that tomorrow is Monday. Well according to the clock it's now Monday. And what does Monday have in store for me? So far a printer that needs new ink. I found this out as I remembered to print off my grocery list which means I have to work on the list.

You can just hear the excitement, can't you?

So I'm going over my list for Thanksgiving. Why does all the good stuff take so much ingredients? This is not going to be a pleasant list. This is going to be an ugly trek - possibly a 4 cart adventure. I'm already fasting and praying for intervention but it's not looking pretty for the pocketbook. I already informed the guys I'm not messing with pies this year. If I'm going to have to clean and make a crazy amount of food they can just forget it!

I'm not sure what else Monday is going to bring. Here's to hoping that it won't suck.


Kaye Butler said...

So far Monday has sucked for me! Two funerals and they were not small ones! Im pooped at it's only 12:40 PM

Kerri said...

Every day just kind of rolls into another over here. Kinda sad.