Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ring, Ring

Wednesday was a full phone day! I got to talk to a friend of mine that I hadn't heard from in years. We recently found each other on facebook. She was my lifeline while going through all the junk while my folks were waiting to go to trial. I'm to call her tomorrow as we aren't even close to catching up. She told me our friend that was battling cancer died a little over a month ago. While we all knew it was going to happen as the few reports we got over the last few years had not been good, it was still a shock. All I could think about was her 8 kids.

It was so good to hear my friend's voice. We got to laughing about our mega Christmas shopping whirlwind we used to do. We tried to get the majority of our Christmas shopping done in one night and we usually came close. Not to mention we stumbled home at the whee hours of the morning. I've so missed her.

Got to touch base with few other people and then shortly after we sat down to dinner my Mom called. She went on to say that she thought it would be a great idea if they and my grandparents all came to my house for Thanksgiving. Um, okay? It took me a few minutes to realized that she wasn't asking, she was telling me what the plan was.

I'm desperately looking at the guys to get their take and they all shrugged their shoulders. In the last few years my aunt hasn't exactly extended an invitation to the extended family. We sort of get an invite like 2 days before Thanksgiving. Add to that fact that it's more than a 3 hour trek one way. Needless to say, the last few years we've passed. On top of that, we still haven't replaced the van yet so I really, really don't want to take a trip in Clifford the big red work truck.

To say there is tension in the generations - I don't think my grandparents are welcomed. My folks are insisting that the 91 and 90 year old patriarch of the crazy train that I fell off of shall not be alone on Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if she just doesn't want to cook or if they are all terrified grandma will set her kitchen on fire. So what's my Mom's plan? Why come crash at our place, of course!

I really don't care. I'm making all the stuff anyway so I'll just double the sides. (I will always think fondly of Carl as I eat the broccoli corn casserole and laugh that he isn't.)

But she did say she didn't know if my other aunt was going to take my grandparents so she'll get back to me. I told her even if she does they are more than welcome to come up anyway. It was right after I said those words that my own eyes popped out of my head, turned around to face me and rolled themselves.

Who knew I had such talent?

The guys started snickering at my facial antics. After I hopped off the phone, I asked their take and they are more than happy to not have to see certain cousins. We do have a few where you just shake your head and say, 'something's not right with that kid.' What, like this surprises you?

I made the mistake of asking what all did they want for the feast. I think taking them to a buffet has backfired as I was given a very long list. Yikes.


Kerri said...

You are a brave woman. I will have chocolate the day after. Much, much chocolate. Just for you. Muah.

Young Wife said...

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, regardless of who shows up. I had the same problem with my DH. Asked him what he wanted for Thanksgiving dinner, and it was a lot more than I could handle making in one day!

Kaye Butler said...

Eyes popped out of your head and turned around and rolled at you! I LOVE IT!

I think my own eyes have done that a time or two, just didn't know how to discribe it!

Yes I'm alive.

I've been a bad bloggy friend.


Joanna said...

Kerri - muah.

YW - thanks! What is up with the guys wanting 12 different side dishes?

Kaye - you're not a bad bloggy friend. You have a life.