Saturday, November 27, 2010

To There And Back

I have no idea why it feels like it's 2 am but after the last few days it sort of makes sense. We're alive and well. We even survived Thanksgiving. My last post of how awesome my Hubster is? Times it by 100. Dude was the only reason I made it.

We had come up with a plan for Thanksgiving and everything went off smoothly. The turkey took a wee bit longer than the directions said. This time delay affected the potatoes. I think they were a bit water-logged but my grandparents declared them the best taters they've had in a long time. Well shut my mouth and call me surprised!

They did inform me I made way too much food. I laughed and said it won't go to waste. Grandma went on and on how she never seen so much food for the small number of people. I totally left out there was a reason for this. Night before Thanksgiving, my dad called to say that golly gee my aunt and uncle on my mom's side called and said they weren't doing anything as all their kids were going to the in-laws. So my dad invited them along.

Say what???

He said he wasn't sure if they were coming or not but thought he should give me a heads up.

To quote from Fiddler on the Roof, "you could die from such a man."

This was the night before so the deviled eggs I was saving for the weekend I end up making as well as a quick side/dessert. They showed up way early (which shocked me) and aunt and uncle decided they didn't want to drive that long. Oh well.

Everyone behaved - sort of. Mom and I did get into a little bit. She was defending my brother over junk she knows nothing about. She wanted to keep talking about it but I said she won't believe me anyway so talking won't change a thing. I told her to drop it and when she started in I told her she has 2 choices - she could talk about something else or she could get out of my kitchen. She didn't say anything for a while and when she did, it was a different topic. My grandma heard all of this and she laughed - she said she's never seen anyone shut my mom up. That got grandma a dirty look.

Hubs said I handled the situation very well. I'll take his word for it. Feels like I still have steam coming out of my ears.

Friday we got the house all decorated for Christmas and just hung out. Nice down time. The guys are all geeking out what I did with the tree. They give me way too much credit. We only had 3 strands of red so I did one strand white then red then white and continued alternating - looks like a candy cane. When we go grocery shopping I'll pick up candy canes and put them on the tree. I've done that before but the bottom ones all mysteriously disappeared.

Saturday we ventured out. Our Christian bookstore was having a lot of their music on sale for $8! Got Chris Tomlin, Third Day, and Matthew West's new albums. All of it good. I snagged a few books as they are my happy place.

There is a Keyboard World that was a few doors down and since Nicholas lurvs him some piano, we went in to look. I'm still in shock over the sticker prices but I had no idea digital pianos could do so much! Lady was there listening to him playing and she jumped all over him and worked with him for half an hour. Dude picked it up very quickly. She went on and on about him - said he has natural talent and I need to get him in lessons. I have no idea where to even look. I had a piano teacher that was so annoying that I stopped playing all together. Don't want to do that to him.

Michael is still mad at us as Hubs just ran into Guitar Center to grab him some more strings for his guitar but didn't let him play anything while there. Time was just getting away from us.
I love Olga's and since we were down in the area we braved the mall and had a very late lunch/early dinner. Then we headed to a few more stores. We were able to find something for Jared's Nerf thing that I have no idea as I don't pay attention but he was very happy so that's all that matters.

Not sure if that gets me points for being a good mom or a bad mom.

But we finished off the long day with white chocolate shakes from Steak n Shake so all is right with the world. We got home and it felt like it was time for bed - it was barely after 7!

My days are so messed up. With the time change I still can't get over how late it feels. Then when it hits midnight I am wide awake.


DidiLyn said...

I need to get the Chris Tomlin cd, but oh my heavens, the Third Day cd is my most favoritist of all time. At least the last couple of years.

Joanna said...

Didilyn - I was telling my boys about your blog post about how much you loved the cd. They already wanted it but was glad to hear someone else like it. I agree! Good stuff!!

jubilee said...

We decorated on Friday too! White Chocolate milkshakes sound sooo good!

Kerri said...

Sounds like a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good, I like to read your blog, just added to my favorites ;)