Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't Forget The Sprinkles

I have no idea what the heck that is supposed to mean, but I guess this is some insider joke with my boys.

It happens from time to time that when we go grocery shopping that Stuffmart doesn't have everything we need so a jaunt across the way to Meijer's is needed. By this time the guys are crying uncle and chances are I've threatened a time or 50 to run my spawn over with the business end of the grocery cart.

Good times.

While Hubby and I ran in, the guys had a grand old time. When we came back they were laughing hysterically and all I could get out of them was "don't forget the sprinkles" and then more laughter. I was just glad no one had killed each other so I was game and left it.

Fast forward a few days later and smack talk was going on and I added "don't forget the sprinkles" having no clue what I was saying. They were hanging onto each other laughing so hard trying to stay upright.

Boys are so weird.

Our weekend went galloping by rather quickly. We took the guys to see the new Narnia movie. It was really good but just a bit intense. Jared insisted he was fine, while it was still daylight, but sort of freaked when it was time to go to bed. But he did say it was a good movie.

We had picked up a new version of Risk. I guess the original version wasn't good enough. I like the board a lot better but some of the new stuff to go with it, I'm not a fan. The cards were not nice to Jared and after several poundings he was the first one out. We started Friday after dinner. It wasn't finished until late Saturday night. Late.

In the midst of this, my Mom's ancient dog had escaped a couple times. The dog is 13, almost 14 - we can't believe she's lasted this long. We don't know if she was going to try running away, which is hysterically as she isn't able to walk just sort of hobbles, or if she was going to toss herself into traffic to end it all.

Not looking forward to that mess.

And speaking of messes I would rather not think about, my folks are coming up this week. I tried to delicately say get bent, get lost, get something that doesn't involve any quality time linked together but that was totally lost on them.

I shouldn't be shocked.

They countered and said they would bring food so I didn't have to cook. Darn them! It's like they know what buttons to push. Plus they said they have cash for the boys.

And down we crumbled like the darn wimps that we are.

While we were kicking ourselves for being so weak and able to be bought, I tossed in "don't forget the sprinkles" just for giggles and grins and thankfully it worked.

I still have no idea what it means. But it got a lot of guffaws so that's all that matters.

All in all, we've been having a good holiday season. About time. After 6 years of yuck it's been nice to finally have some good. Just hoping I can keep my Mom at bay and I'm not stuck with any new emotional wounds. Goodness knows there are enough already there.


Julie said...

Sprinkles, huh? ... You've made me curious now. *lol*

We loved Dawn Treader too... But we're glad we didn't see the 3-D version, as I don't think the girls (or me) would have liked the sea monster attack in 3-D! ;)

Joanna said...

We did see it in 3D and wow has 3D come a long way!