Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Still Nothing To Report...

but the blog was whining about neglect. I am happy to report that aunt flo left all on her own and on time. This is good news. Happy to see some things are starting to work.

I have found that not having a vehicle has forced me to get things done - like laundry. I may just even tackle the bedding I'm so flipping bored productive. So far, I have managed to put off making cookies. Once they are made, it will be a sad sight to see these guys go to town on them. All that work - gone in a matter of seconds.

The guys' MP3 have sort of died on them. Part of their Christmas was that we got new ones. Brilliant person that I am has convinced the Grinch Hubs to let us open them early so I can load all the music they want so they won't pester me non-stop to do it Christmas day. The spawn applauded my brilliance until they heard the clause that they don't get to use them until Christmas. And the angst was back.

They have gone to town making their lists and checking it twice. And then dropped 5 brazillion hints. So far I got all the new stuff we got, plus whatever music was on 2 of the computers. I caught a glance at one of the lists - I may be at this for weeks. Which means loading the CD, then loading it onto the MP3 and then deleting it off the computer. Heaven help anyone who said, oh yeah I wanted that one song that I just deleted. Luckily for me the eyebrow arch of disdained let it be known what would happen if this were to occur. Their eyebrows acknowledged that they understood that their very lives were at stake and we proceed with the process.

Eyebrow conversations saves me so much time. It's a good thing we trained them in the art of eyebrow.

However the eyebrow wasn't too successful at getting them to watch more Christmas movies. I had to use force to watch Home Alone 1. There was some angst and a few even snuck out of the room only to come flying back in when Marv slid down the steps. When the kids were younger they would have me rewind it (yes we still have VHS) several times. Tonight was no different. Just glad that tape still works. Last year we had to buy The Grinch on DVD cuz we wore our other one out. And now that I just typed that I feel like I need to hide my face.

We were going to watch Home Alone 2 on TV but they cut out all the good parts. So I'm going to blow the dust off our VHS one and make them watch it tomorrow. I'm evil like that. They used to cackle with glee right along with me and now they just roll their eyes at me and try to slink out of the room without me noticing.

As if.

I just casually said I didn't think I would be up to loading more music tomorrow and they dragged themselves back in and sat down with a deep sigh. I so win.


Julie said...

Can you that I've never seen Home Alone 2, and that the kids have never seen either?! ... I really should get them on DVD so that the kids can see them!!!

jubilee said...

One of the best parts of motherhood is being able to make them do things like watch "old" movies with you. I often use the phrase, "I brought you into this world, I can take you out" when I want to guilt them into doing something I want them to do!