Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

I just sat down to play more facebook games read some blogs when I realized I hadn't posted much of anything. I was feeling rather smug up until that realization hit me. I just did all the guys' laundry, had to hem up a few new pjs and got a bunch of ironing done. Then I looked at the clock and tried to figure out how it was already 3 am.

I guess I have my Mom's gene pool to thank for that lack of time space continuum and the belief that it exists. I'm so tired I'm not even sure what I just said there.

And I have a right to be tired after spending most of the day rotating the laundry and dealing with the older boys and their new MP3s. No easy task. After what felt like hours of torture, I couldn't take it any more and cried uncle. They said no worries as we are now half way done.

Good granny!

I thought I would toss out there that Hubby is about ready to crumble. They are all flipping out about yet another year of Nerf War. Part of me feels it is really, really wrong that we got 4 fully automatic Nerf things especially since we only have 3 children but there is all kinds of male bounding going on so who am I to break that up?

So far, Hubby is acting like the biggest kid.

The guys know what they are getting. After taking them clothes shopping and loading the music the only thing left is the Nerf stuff. Another year of me getting out of wrapping stuff. Holla! I guess knowing is half the battle and therefore the spawn have moved in on Hubs' weakness.

Oh how easily men crumble!

They have talked dude into bringing all the stuff in and Christmas eve they are going to open all of it, get it loaded with batteries and possibly set up a couple of the forts. I'm trying my best not to crack up laughing as they all plot and plan. So not fair, I have to make them do school work and deal with laundry and Hubs builds Legos and has Nerf wars with them and takes them camping. He so gets the fun parent vote. Except I totally win on the video games. Jared and I are both quite excited about the new Donkey Kong Country game that has been sitting under the tree taunting us both.

Not sure if I should hang my head in shame or own up to it. The vote is still out on that one. I would beg to be rescued but something tells me no such luck. I just got my book order so I guess I'm good. We have to brave the stores to get a few more stuff and then the last of the cookies will be baked. And I better not be the one stuck doing the dang cookie sheets! I will go all gangster on him if I have to.

At the mention of going to the store, the guys started making all kinds of suggestions for New Year's Eve snacks. I sort of blew them off as I said that's still a few weeks away. They told me I was way off since they are teenagers and they know everything - God help them.

They gave me quite the long list of things to pig out on snack on. I was thinking of stuff to make when I was suddenly hit with the desire for my Swiss Mushroom Bread Loaf. Oh man is this stuff good! Complete pain in the butt to make but oh so worth it. I have made this thing for years to take to women's functions at church but only once did the guys have a taste of it. So I told the crew what I was thinking and they all got drooly and started to bow in my presence. After 10 minutes of this, I finally stopped them.

I think it's going to be a good time around here.


Julie said...

Joe and my boys would really love one of those nerf wars... But I don't know if I'm up for the aftermath of such a battle. ;)

Joanna said...

Part of the deal is they clean it all up so I have no room to complain - much. hee hee!