Thursday, January 6, 2011

And So

The in-laws have decided to come a day earlier and should be getting here before too long. I'm full of hope that this means shopping is in store and the anointing will be in full force.

I haven't caught the whole story but I guess we are getting a flat screen TV. In-laws got a new one so we're getting their old one that is 5 years old. Our TV is even older than that!

And why is it that we are now getting dumped on with snow and the snow blower died? My MIL hates to travel when it snows. I'm expecting her to be in just a peachy mood when she arrives informing me that she, yet again, resents me for taking her son so far away from her.

The funny thing is they aren't even close.

And keeping with this festive feeling, my Mom called me twice. She's not happy that they can't come up for my b-day but said they will try to come up Monday or something. Oh could you please? I've been meaning to make myself feel like crap. Goodness knows it's been such a long time sense I've felt that way about myself.

Crickets chirping

Moving right along...

I think I have finally lost what is left of my mind. I set up another facebook account for Jared under me cause I'm really tired of them yanking the guys' accounts from snafus on fb's end. Knowing Jared, he's only going to be on it for 3 weeks and then he'll get bored with it and will stop. However, I can finally help myself on all these stupid games I'm addicted to. I never have enough neighbors to finish anything on time which causes me to cuss at my computer and myself for all my gaming addictions.

Taking my brand of crazy yet another step farther, I set up another account. In my defense it was Hubs idea but he refused to have his own account because he doesn't want anyone to ever find him.

And I thought I had issues.

The trouble is I had all the computers on and was running from computer to the next to friend myself and help myself.

Isn't that sentence alone some sort of weird cry for help? Anyone??

I flat out confused myself on which one was me, my alter ego, and the one for Jared. I would like to think I'm wasting all my time to distract myself from all the junk but I have a slight feeling no one is going to buy that. Dang it.


Julie said...

When I redid the boys' facebook accounts, not only did I make them "older" ... I put them in as attending the local public school, because while facebook says that homeschoolers can be on facebook, it seems like that everyone who doesn't have a public school listed, gets bumped off. Even my niece and nephew, who go to a charter school. So, according to facebook, my kids go to Molalla High. *lol*

Hope your visit with the inlaws goes smoothly...

Kerri said...

Um, so you're playing games with yourself, on several different computers at one time and they're all you? I'm confused....
But if it's what I think it is... I know a good shrink! : )

Melissa said...

Aren't mothers-in-law in "peachy moods" just the best?! I suppose they're a lot more tolerable when they're bringing you t.v.'s!

Is Bejeweled Blitz one of your addictions? It's my current, so I hear ya, sistah!


Young Wife said...

Yay for a new TV! Hope the visit with the in-laws goes well.