Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 100+ Of My Captivity

I feel as if I'm being punished for something, I'm just not sure for what. Not being able to get out and get stuff done has been annoying beyond reason. For instance, the nose pad on my glasses broke off. O-f-f - off. For those of you who wear glasses, I'm sure you are feeling the pain right on the side of your nose just thinking about it.

Could I hop in my mom-mobile and drive to wally world to get it done? No. I had to wait for Hubby dear to drive me in Clifford the big red work truck. It turns out you can't get a car loan while still on unemployment. Doesn't matter how much of a down payment you have - it ain't happening. So for now, I am stuck.

Knowing I am stuck is just annoying and I have felt the tension from it build. On a side note, I think I may have some sort of seasonal depression or something. I've been feeling the blues just hovering out there, slowly creeping up trying to be all sneaky like.

Needless to say, I grabbed dude by his lower lip and said get me out of the house. Wonderful guy that he is complied. We packed up the spawn and went to Sam's Club. In the middle of some serious lake effect snow. As in white out. Before we left, I said maybe we should wait until Sunday. Hubby said no it's supposed to be really cold that day. Single digits isn't cold?? Whatever. And away we went.

Thankfully, there were no problems. But while we were shopping, I noticed that Saturdays can be an interesting observation of holy crap you left your house looking like THAT and you're okay with it??? I get the whole rolling out of bed, tossing clothes on, and tossing the hair into a ponytail or headband as that is pretty much what I do most days. But there were a few gals that took the whole twisty hair in such a wrong path that they should put the brush down before they hurt themselves. Clearly their hair was already in enough pain.

I think I stared just a wee bit too long because the boys caught me looking with a slight horror face and you just know they have to investigate. N took one look at exhibit A, who escaped from Helga's House of Hair Horrors, and busted out laughing. M took the high road and quickly looked away and counted to 10 before he lost it. Bless him. J pipped up, rather loudly, "does she not own a mirror?" And that's when all the guys lost it. I half shoved my people down the next aisle before we got whipped with a ponytail.

Bet you wished you were here.

After we got all that taken care of, we drove back home through another white out. Then Hubby got the guys some McD's and we bailed out on them to go to wally world to get my glasses fixed. I guess there is a silver lining to this story. I've had a hard time keeping these glasses staying up on my nose the right way. They have been sliding down and most of the time I'm looking over them instead of threw them. Caught a glance at myself in the mirror once and I screamed because I looked JUST LIKE MY MOTHER.

The horror.

So added bonus of the new nose pads is they are a lot thicker than the old ones and this has kept the glasses where they are supposed to be at. I was so excited, I blurted out it's like a push up bra for my glasses. After the eye lady was able to catch her breath from laughing so hard, she said that totally made her day.

I live to serve.

After that we went out to eat. I'm telling you the time flew by because when we were done I didn't want to go home and tried to come up with a few on the fly errands. We ended up at the dollar store. Because we're real classy like that. We were there until they kicked us out so they could close. As we drove home, I told Hubs I think I have a major case of cabin fever. He said he noticed the twitching 2 weeks ago but wasn't sure if it was safe to point it out or not.

Smart man.

I was telling him how I just miss seeing the sun shine and blue skies and all. He doesn't get it as he gets headaches on bright days so he just shrugged his shoulders. Wouldn't you know it, Sunday was a sun shine day with blue skies and we had no where to go. Dang it. I'm hoping he cracks and takes me out on a few other errands during the day next week. I'm not holding my breath but I can dream as he has been really busy with several things lately.

Lot more I want to blog about but can't yet. Good stuff going on, some bad stuff going on, and a feeling that change is a coming. I'm just praying like crazy it's good change instead of bad change. Anytime we run into someone, first thing out of their mouth is what's going on with the house? We don't know and we are happy about that. We've needed time to regroup and regrouping we are - we're just not there yet. Some days I'm doing better at coping and other days I'm face first into a bowl of chocolate. I'm not sure if I'm a crazy roller coaster ride or if I'm one hot mess.

I'm wondering if the whole patience is a virtue thing is some sort of Greek myth of being able to strangle one's self into a submit hold until the time has come. That is one gift I was not blessed with. Not like the title gave that away or anything.


Julie said...

I'm just the opposite. I have no trouble staying home, and sure wish I could more often! ... There was a time, before the kids took up bowling, that there were times I would not even step out the door for two weeks at a time, and it wouldn't bother me in the least... I miss those days! *lol*

Glad you got some time out on the town, even if it was just to the dollar store and Walmart. :)

Virginia said...

Oh I loved reading this. Too funny.

Joanna said...

Thanks Virginia.