Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Butt Is Dragging

I think this is further proof that Martha Stewart is the anti-christ. I spent the day doing all kinds of Martha-y things like cleaning and cooking. Yet when I look around there is no evidence to all my hard work.

I'm waiting on Martha to give some snobby remark on that one. If she tries to tell me that at the end of the day there is a great feeling of job well done then I want to know what meds she is on cuz I ain't feeling it. Well that's not true. I'm feeling something along the lines of ow! I'm a bit worried my butt caught a splinter from dragging along the floor. I've heard of dishpan hands but what the heck do you call that??

Hubby actually has some work this week and we got back into the swing of things school wise. With visitors and Christmas break, my spawn basically lived in their pjs for most of the break (not the same ones because eww) thus leaving a mountain of laundry that was ready to topple over at any second. And then kill off the victim from the sheer stench.

But thanks to my FIL, I was still fruiting out over the tub. I yanked down the shower curtain and tossed it in the washer and then proceeded to clean the tub in all forms of bleach. While Hubby did get rid of the evidence of the farmer's hankie I was taking no chances.

So after the battle of the bleach was done, I got busy with laundry. I dodged, I parried, I thrusted and was able to not be a victim to the killer mountain. Probably because I have yet to touch the boys' laundry.

Minor detail.

But I did a truck load of laundry for Hubs and myself. And I did all of my hand wash only stuff since I was putting that off. Plus I gave Sassy a bath. My fingers still look like prunes hours later. I shoveled some of the dishes out of the sink and ran the dishwasher. I'm choosing to overlook that it needs it again. Then I made Cheeseburger Soup for dinner. Veggies were cut, goodness was made, and the guys sang my praises.

I'm still doing our laundry many hours later. I can only hope to be done with it sometime tonight so I can start on the mountain of stench tomorrow because I was informed that 1 child is lacking in jeans.

And we get to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

Hold me.


Melissa said...

You ARE martha Stewart! It would take me a week to do all that, and I'd be complaining about it for two! Congratulations!


Anna K. said...

I have found that I only get the "holy cow a room in our house is clean" warm fuzzies if it stays clean for longer than 5 minutes. Which no room in our house ever does right now. ;o)

Forget that Martha lady, you are Joanna, hear you roar!

Kerri said...

I think the official name is "gluteous sliverus draggimitis", otherwise known as "a sliver in the butt from dragging."