Saturday, January 29, 2011

Noodle Goodness

I have no idea what happened to me yesterday. I went all Martha. I did the noodles. To be honest with you, it has been so many years since I've had my Grandma's I could not tell you if these were spot on or not. But my tongue will tell you close enough!

Then my Martha self took the 10 egg whites I had left over and made angel food cake. I even used my Grandma B's pan to boot. I had never made angel food cake that wasn't a mix out of a box. There was a lot of sifting involved. A lot.

At first I was sort of skert as this was more effort than what I wanted to do. However, the guys were aware of this adventure and how can I turn them down? Especially as they were chanting angel food cake over and over. And that was just from Hubs. I told him a few times I don't think that sends the right message to our spawn.

Then they talked me into making homemade whipped cream. Eat it Martha!

While the noodles were drying and the cake a baking, I then tackled a few loads of laundry. I'm wondering if this was some side effect since I was jacked up on Midol since auntie flo decided to show up. We all know I'm not in my right mind when that happens. Not that I'm all that sure I'm ever in my right mind, but that is besides the point. This now makes me wonder, if I'm not in the right mind, what is the left side doing? Because I'm pretty sure I don't go over there a whole lot.

Maybe that's where Martha came from.

So I got it all done and served it over mashed potatoes. I think that was as close to carb heaven as one dares to go. Except I'm still not a fan of angel food cake. The irony is just full here. Further proof was Jared claimed he didn't like the noodles. We all stared at him as if he just grew horns. He pitched a fit and wanted to eat something different. I was not happy, Bob, not happy. Not one of my finer moments of mom hood, especially because I was feeling all nostalgia about my Grandma B and felt his tude totally pooped all over it. I told him to get over it and eat the flipping things or he could go hungry.

Golly gee, he ate most of his bowl but had tears through the whole thing.

I swear he does this to me once a month just to see what he can get away with. And then if you try to joke around with him he bursts into tears. Oh early puberty, how I hate thee. Dude has been a pill lately.

So I had to thank my cousin who got the recipe from my aunt. For reasons I still don't understand, I was very happy about it. Then a couple other cousins read about the noodle goodness on facebook and needed the recipe so I sent it. My cousin said it perfectly that it just brings back good memories of Grandma B.

I was telling the guys at dinner different stories about her too. You would never believe this was my Mom's Mom. She was a very quite lady and didn't say a whole lot. She had a thing for Dallas and Fantasy Island, was really good at quilting, and was one awesome cook. She would have died of embarrassment from my Mom's shenanigans and I have a secret hope that she's going to let my Mom have it when we're all up in heaven.

It was sort of nice to go down memory lane. Grandma could make a mean batch of apple dumplings too. I think each of my aunts learned how to make 1 thing that reminded them of their mom. My Mom does the apple dumplings but I'm pretty sure she uses her powers for evil instead of good and I can't be having any of that.



Kerri said...

Mmmmmm....noodles! You go, Martha!
Love you, Jo.

Anonymous said...
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Julie said...

I think I am too lazy to attempt anything like homemade noodles! Go you!!! *lol*