Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Oh my gosh!! I'm having a Blue's Clues flashback from that title!

Bang, bang, bang!

That was the sound of me hitting myself in the head with my keyboard to get that memory out of my head. E-gads that was bad.

Anyway, I have no idea why but the last few weeks I have been the victim graced with other people's junk hand-me-downs. No it's really junk. I don't mind hand-me-downs but this was ridiculous a record. Both my parents and my in-laws had bags of junk stuff they thought we could use.

It's too bad they all thought wrong.

My MIL ended up re-gifting some things that none of it was anything I could use. As I sat there with plastic smile on my face, all I could think was to make a mental note to fork stab my husband to death later for being related to these people. The only thing that saved him is the fact that I have a set of crazies too known as my parents and all the drama that they bring.

We'll call it a draw and let each other live.

The TV has been nice so I'll cut them some slack. But that is where it ended. There were 2 huge garbage bags full of shoes that my MIL is getting rid of. She has a thing for shoes and had a whole room just for shoes. She said she was cleaning out the back room in case we need to live with them for awhile. I slowly set my fork down as Hubs said that ain't gonna happen.

And love for him was back in full force.

She smirked and said we'll see. She later told me their whole church is praying that we'll move out there. Thankfully, I caught myself from saying what I was thinking. Miracles still do happen. I just know God was busting a gut over this whole conversation. I patted my MIL's hand and almost said, 'Bless your heart' until I remembered that she knows that means 'you're an idiot.'

I did remind her of who her son is and just how stubborn he can be and she just said that God would answer her prayers. I almost busted her bubble right then and there, and sadly would have taken pleasure in doing it, but was slightly distracted as more junk stuff was hauled in. I guess her sister moved into an apartment and there was all kinds of junk stuff they brought up for me to go through.

Oh happy day.

I will not repeat what I was thinking but the plastic smile was long gone and only a grimace remained.

There were all kinds of cookbooks which I didn't mind but it's sort of a bummer when you only score 3 recipes out of 5000. Then there was some metal corner shelf. My MIL went on and on how much her sister paid for it. I was able to keep my mouth closed as I looked at the thing. I didn't know what to say - that wouldn't start a fight. So I tried to distract myself by going through the bags of shoes.

Now my foot is a lot wider than my MIL's but you never know what treasures can be found. After checking out the shoe section I came to the conclusion that this was my MIL's severely medicated days as I had never seen some of these colors before. I'm sure with the aide of drugs they would have looked pretty. To each his own. Apparently 3 was the lucky number as that was all I could glean from each pile of junk stuff she had for me to go through.

In the middle of this, my cousin called to tell me she wanted to give me her old car. Her parents got her a newer one and she wanted me to have her car that was half into the ground. Um, thanks? I felt so bad to have to tell her it wouldn't really be a blessing for us as 5 people isn't going to do well in a tiny car that can barely fit 4 people in it. I'm sure J wouldn't mind riding in the trunk but I do have some standards.

I had to sit back and pray about this because I wanted to make sure I wasn't being a brat about the whole thing. But a lot of it was junk. Not to mention I couldn't use the majority of it. I was having to pray fast about my attitude because it was tanking by the second. We have been spending months going through and getting rid of stuff so to watch more of other people's stuff come carting in was so discouraging for me.

And my parents are just as bad. Mom walked through the door with a couple bags of junk stuff thinking someone could use it. I have no idea why we turned into their personal Goodwill store. And after having made 5 trips with loads of crap in the last month to our Goodwill, I'm getting pretty tired of it. I still have the bags of shoes still sitting by the kitchen table. I've asked Hubby to take it and hey, he'll get to it when he can.

Then today I get an email from my MIL but it was a forward. I guess her sister had emailed her something and they had several conversations back and forth and then she ended up emailing me the thing. I'm not sure if this was an oops or on purpose but basically she went off about how I wasn't that thrilled with the shoes etc.

Really? Really.

I had sort of an emotional hangover all day that usually happens after one of my Mom's phone calls, so to get this when I'm feeling like this? Mmhmm.

Me, being me, hit reply and said that in my defense only 3 pairs of shoes fit and I felt bad that the majority went to Goodwill and seemed like a waste. I said sorry I wasn't thrilled to her liking but wasn't really sure what response she was hoping to get.

The sound of Alaska is starting to sound so appealing. I have so had it. I have tried to do right by everyone and I can tell you it is flipping impossible.

Almost can't wait to see what type of email I will have waiting for me tomorrow. Wah-ha.