Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Sad On So Many Levels

Where do I even begin on that one? Over the weekend we had freezing cold weather. As in instant nose hair freeze upon leaving the house. I'm now trying to implement my plan of hibernating except I get cabin fever.

Where is the fairness of that I ask you?

I shouldn't be surprised. The last 3 years come January through February the pipes to the washing machine freeze. By now I know the drill and sure enough it took all day Monday to get the darn thing thawed out.

Falls under the category of things I wished I knew before I stripped the bed.

I had to go all crazy gangsta on the bedding so they could get done before, you know, we went to bed. Luckily, I had only hit our room before I did the boys' beds so their smelly things can rot for another day.

And rot it will.

The joys of teenagers and a tween. Who are all in one room - creating one massive cloud of stench. Got to love guys. Or at least the man in a can know as the mighty Fabreeze as I crawl into their room of doom.

According to these guys I have a highly sensitive nose and therefore they think I'm exaggerating. When I gag? I'm not making that up. Just saying.

But another level of sad was I was about out of Febreeze, and we had to go grocery shopping. For whatever reason, my brain heard going out and I dressed nicely instead of wearing combat gear as we brave stuffmart. Luckily for me, it was d-e-a-d at wally world. Not a screaming child in the whole place. We were having cart races up and down the aisles it was so dead.

And here Hubby dear wanted to go to Taco Bell and waste all that gas on an empty store. Glad I talked him out of it.

He needed to be talked out of something. He has been fighting with one printer for weeks. I wish I could tell you what was wrong or even what he said but all I got was it wasn't working and it was a pain. I left off that his dad gave it to us. Why go there? So we ended up getting a new printer.

And there was lifting of holy hands by all of us as we've all had the printer poop out on us at one time or another.

This actually takes a load off my mind because last year when we went to print our taxes, the printer was having nothing to do with it. It only printed like pages 1-3 and page 6. Knowing it was giving us fits over the grocery sheet and I felt foreboding already. Now I don't have to.

This will fall under boring for one of my stuffmart stories but sometimes boring is needed.


Julie said...

It would totally suck to have the pipes freeze. It's never happened to us. I don't think it gets cold enough (for long enough periods of time) for that to happen... And I am thankful for that!

Kerri said...

Gla yu got a new printer! I HATE it when mine doesn't work...or jams. Ug!