Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy, Busy

Which it has been a while since I could say that. Boredom has been an all time high around here. Toss in a little cabin fever and there were threats of swinging from the chandelier.

And that was just from me.

Hubs and I went out on a date Friday night. Very nice to go do that. We sat and talked for a while and then went and saw a movie. Saw Unknown with Liam Neeson. The reviews were far too generous with this movie. Thought his other move Taken was a lot better. But hey, it was something to do.

Funny how your standards will lower when you are bored.

After the movie, I had to use the bathroom. The main bathroom was closed for construction which left the tiny bathroom. Needless to say, a line was to be had. Right before I go into the stall a lady ran into her friend blah, blah they just saw the same movie I did and thought the same thing I did. One lady was going on and on about Liam Neeson and a movie he did that was in Ireland but it was a while back. A while back is the understatement of the decade. I'm not sure I was even married. I could be wrong but I had to blow the dust off my memory.

I'm doing my thing listening to her go on and on about this movie and I'm sitting there nodding my head knowing what movie she was talking about. I get done and am washing my hands and she still hasn't given it a rest. Finally I couldn't take it any more and said, it was Rob Roy. She exclaimed THAT'S IT!! and thanked me profusely. As we were making our way to the door she asked if I knew who the lady was who played his wife - Jessica Lang.

I find this so sad that I can remember all this information. Can't remember half the crap I'm supposed to know but can remember crap I could care less about.

We were laughing as we came out of the bathroom to our spouses who kept looking at us with that fake smile with the look of 'oh man, am I supposed to know this person' look. As I walked up to Hubs he gave me a look and I just shrugged and said I was making friends wherever I go. The way the lady kept thanking me made him think I knew her. When he found out I never met her before, he started laughing and said only me. When I asked what he meant by that, he said he has never seen someone else besides me who can get people to open up and tell them their life story.

I have had this happen - a lot. Usually while we are grocery shopping. And you can't stop these people. They are going to tell me their life story, or some story, and I never know if I'm supposed to stand there listening to how their great aunt Ethel ran away and it soured the family line for generations, or if I keep on shopping, or run screaming away from them.

I'm not even sure how I do it. No one approaches Hubs as he usually has a go away look about him. I must have a beacon to come near me all you lonely people. Hubs jokes I can make a dead tree talk as he was the tree.

Too bad he's not kidding. I'm afraid he's infected one of our spawn.

Saturday was the last nice day around here before old man winter reminded everyone who rules the roost. Having nothing better to do, we loaded up the guys and went up to Grand Rapids and hung out at their mega mall. I guess everyone else had the same idea OR the mall rats have truly taken over society. We weren't inside for even 10 minutes before Nicholas said that our future society is totally doomed.

The older 2 were observing the kids that were around their own age. They are so not impressed with people. But Michael has it the worst. For a long time, I couldn't take Hubby dear into crowds or he would get super grumpy. Michael didn't get grumpy, but he was so annoyed with people. Thank goodness no one bumped into him. But the guy was not a fan of walking around the mall! I thought once we found him some picks for his guitar he would be happy about it but I thought wrong.

When he was little, he sometimes got overwhelmed with just people and just sort of shut down. We had sat on a bench and parked it for a bit having a drink and he just had that same overwhelmed look. I kept asking him if he was okay and he kept saying yes - more annoyed at each question. The boy, like his father, is not a fan of people. The whole ordeal totally drained him. I felt bad. I was just hoping to get out and blow the stink off of them.

It was also funny to let them look at clothes. Michael is very conservative and will only wear navy blue and 3 other colors. He's not flashy. Most of the clothes we saw usually had him muttering how people must be color blind. So when they actually saw some clothes they liked, I went to investigate. Right before I got to where they were at, they pulled out the price tag and very vocally said the shirt was nice but not THAT nice - right in front of the salesman. I had to laugh. Then I looked at the tag and about said the same thing they did. Wowzers! It's been a looong time since I've shopped at the mall. Saw a cute shirt for well over a hundred dollars. For that price that bad boy needed to camouflage ever lump and roll, make me look smoking hot, and stay wrinkle free.

Needless to say, we kept on moving. It was nice to get out. The boys asked if we not do that again. But we did hit Olga's which is like our favorite mall restaurant to go to. My Mom used to take us there a lot when the boys were little. Good times.

Then just to mess with their heads (not really, Hubs needed some work pants) we went to the Salvation Army store as they were having a huge evening sale. While we were there I was able to find a few pair of jeans for Jared and the Michael picked out the same navy blue shirt x3. Nicholas found a shirt that is just so him. It said, "By reading this you have given me temporary control of your mind."

That is so him. I can't even type that it is a mystery where he gets it from because too many people know the real truth.

We got a bunch of stuff for like $20. Michael asked why would someone pay $150 for a shirt when you can get something similar for way less. I had to give him a crash course on name brand verse knock off brand. He said he thinks his early opinion that our future society is doomed still stands to be correct and no wonder the economy is in the toilet. We did ask him about quality and he said it should depend on what the item will be used for. And that should determine whether you spend the bigger bucks or cut corners. He said it makes more sense to spend $1 on a T-shirt that he's just going to wear with either pjs or under another shirt than some name brand.

I'm thinking he's going to fly through consumer math with the greatest of ease.

But he did say it was nice to get out and enjoyed Olga's but asked if I could come up with something different next time.


Dianne said...

So sounds like my kids. They are not into anything name brand. Andrew refuses to wear anything that anyone else is wearing lol. And he gets the people overwhelmed, he says he just doesn't like them. Our kids should so be friends.

Dianne said...

Guess I need to change my profile pic, huh. I still have boobies and hair in this one

Debbie said...

That bathroom story is too funny! I need you around me. I never can remember anything.

Joanna said...

Dianne - at least you post a picture of yourself. I prefer to hide behind the cat.

Debbie - I would love to hang out with you! But I may get you into trouble. Just saying.

Julie said...

Sounds like that boy has a good head on his shoulders... We never buy name brands around here. Kmart and Walmart, here we come! *lol*

Kerri said...

Sounds like a good time overall!