Monday, February 14, 2011

Hot Babe I Ain't

Especially when I have been battling the power of the pillow. For whatever reason, I didn't get much sleep the night before. Went to bed at the normal time of oh, dear Lord, why do I do this to myself? But some evil telemarketer called at oh dark thirty and it woke me up.

There was much cussing to be had in my head and I may, or may not, have wished a thousand evil Mondays on that person's head.

Tossing and turning was to be had until I gave up and got up. This may have been a fatal flaw, because ever since then my pillow was singing come back to me love songs that I just can't seem to get out of my head.

Everything I had done had not revived me.

I had a nice dinner all planned out for the guys and now I'm thinking screw it, time to thaw out hot dog buns. Which is a shame because call me sentimental, or just mental, but I think Valentine's Day is just another day. And I say that totally in a non bitter tone. I know. How shocking for this blog to not have a bitter tone for once?

How weird.

Hubby does not like to be told WHEN to be all romantic. And the first few years we were together he worked as a restaurant manager and he still shudders to this day at the mention of certain holidays and restaurant are all in the same sentence. Once this happens, it is safe to say that Elvis has left the building because dude is trying to find a happy place.

Besides we both think the day is lame but hey bring on the chocolate and we're all cool with that.

I did serve up hot dogs but made a Coney Island meat sauce and had canned cheez, cuz we are classy, and served it up with a can of Coke. After all the burping, the guys cheered me as being a true chick any man would be proud to have.

I'm still not sure how to respond to that. Especially since that came from the 11 year old.

After dinner I knew I was in trouble and didn't stand a chance at staying awake. I had laid down on the love seat which was a mistake but I can say my eyelids are free from any pinholes. Many hours later, after my bladder threatened to make a huge scene, I got up. I went to move and my left knee was sort of locked in a bent position.

So there was my hot self, hobbling to the bathroom with massive scare hair and hangover chocolate breath. I was so not feeling it. Hubby dear said I am really cute when I sleep. He's not fooling me, he likes me unconscious so I won't bug him with questions like tell me what are you thinking and every thought you had all day. Questions like those usually cause him to twitch and run screaming from the room.

If he ever catches on I do that on purpose, I may have a problem on my hands.

But this means I may be in for a loooong night. I don't feel fully awake so maybe I'll get lucky and Mr. Pillow will knock me out. One can hope. Sort of gives a whole new spin on getting lucky doesn't it?


Julie said...

We don't really do the Valentine thing either, though I did ask Joe to bring home some heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's... Mainly because my SIL mentioned them on facebook and gave me a craving. *lol* (I had originally planned on chili dogs, but the pizza just sounded so much better! *lol*)

jubilee said...

We had chili for Valentine's Day dinner. Yip-to-the-E. LOL

My youngest often declares what he believes are my virtues (making a mean PB&J, for example) and promises to marry me one day. *sigh*

Kerri said...

I don't remember what we had for V-Day. Doug worked, then had a meeting at 6:30 so he had to go right back. Nice, eh?