Monday, February 28, 2011

I Should Be Stopped

But that will never happen.

(Insert evil cackle)

I think I've forced the guys to watch Megamind like 4 times now and we just got the movie Saturday night. Love it! Luckily for me, Jared was all for it. I am going to be so screwed when he outgrows these kid movies.

On another topic that I will never be stopped on, I sort of got to feed my addiction. Monday was the last day for me to get free shipping on books. Who am I to pass on such a great deal like free shipping? I tried to make it sound all noble by tossing in a couple bible studies for myself to go along with school stuff but I'm not sure who I'm trying to fool with that ploy.

I'm slightly bummed because while I got Jared all taken care of I am really struggling on what to do for next year's curriculum for older 2. I have some stuff, I know what I'm going to get on a couple others but hoping beyond hope it will pop up on eBay. But there are 2 subjects that I find myself face first on the floor screaming who the heck cares anyway?!

This type of behavior usually gets me a chocolate bar or 4 tossed at my head with a slight smattering of applause at my dramatics, but I was terribly ripped off this time around. Hubby said he wasn't prepared for the outburst and handed me a post it note with 'I owe ya' written on it.


I hope all evidence points to him for the loss of my sanity.

On the bright side, we donated our hoopty van to science. There is some trade school not that far away and they are always looking for vehicles for students to work on. The poor thing would not make it very far. Nor would it get us much for a trade in towards another one. At least this way we'll get a tax write off for next year. While I don't know how much of a write off this will be, it should be more than what we were offered for it. Maybe this will make Uncle Sam be nice to us next year. Goodness knows he was rather kind this year as well as last but that's because we fell under 'wow, you are broke' category.

The hoopty-mobile was hiding out in our garage because Hubs has this fear that if he doesn't keep the space filled then something will come along and fill it. You can't really blame him. Every time he got the garage straightened up, my folks' junk ended up there. But he sees this as progress on moving forward.

I'm trying to get him to put my mom's dog down as that falls under my forward progress, but that will have to wait for another week as we are trying to get a van. Hubs was hoping to do this over the weekend but no such luck so we shall see what the next few days will bring.

The thought of wheels and some sort of freedom makes me a tad bit giddy and I feel the maniacal laughter starting to build up. This could be a great week or an epic amount of pouting.

On the say what topic, BofA must have read my post that I'm too lazy to link to because now we got a letter in the mail with them saying hey, we aren't getting money from you so we are turning this over to our foreclosure department. They even sent someone over to verify that the place was occupied. I'm not sure where they are going with this or how this is going to happened as that happened the end of 09 leading to the bankruptcy. It basically looks like we were lost in the shuffle but the deck is starting to get stacked. When I stopped breathing through a paper bag, Hubby said this is all part of moving forward. I'm betting money with a new month rolling in, dude is going to start secretly packing stuff.

Wonder where I put that bag?


Julie said...

I need to start getting next year's curriculum going too. I pretty much know what I am going to get though. :)