Friday, February 4, 2011

Revenge Of Mailman Bob

We no longer have cranky old mailman Bob anymore. If I wasn't so lazy I would link to all the post about Mr. Cranky McCrankerton but I don't feel like it.

Snarky - it's what I do best.

Not sure when he left our route but I can't say as I miss him or his cranky ways. Sure it may have been fun for him to cram our mail in just a way that shredded everything, but for me, I could do without all my mail pre-opened. And as many times as it happened, I'm pretty sure it was done on purpose.

So it was with a light heart that I tried to mow him down while he crossed the road bid him farewell with my middle finger best Miss America wave that I could muster. I sighed a big sigh knowing that my shredded mail days were over. And so far, his replacement has lived up to delivering shred free mail.

It's just too bad he can't get our address right.

Being the crazy woman that I am gracious person that I sometimes pretend to be, I really could understand the first 3 times it happened. After all, dude was a newbie and was learning the ropes. But as the months have gone on, it has gotten worse. One day there was a huge stack of mail in the mailbox. Granted not a one was shredded but there were only two pieces out of the whole pile that was ours.

That's when we started leaving notes.

Little post it notes of gentle reminders that said things like, 'wrong address' or 'wrong again'. Sadly, this did not stop mailman stupid, so it has eventually graduated to 'hey stupid, can't you tell the difference between a 3 and a 7???'

This did cause mailman stupid to straighten up and actually pay attention - for two whole weeks. We're not sure but we think the cold weather froze his brain. Last week he just decided to dump the whole block's mail in our tiny mailbox and probably went home. Huge pile of mail and not one of it was address to either of us.

Hubby put our address number in stickers on the mailbox hoping the guy would get the hint. He restrained from hanging an arrow pointing at the numbers. I hope the guy was insulted but have a feeling he was relieved as he can't seem to remember which house is which on our street. So far, mailman stupid has been able to match the numbers.

But I'm pretty sure mailman Bob is laughing his a$$ off.


Kerri said...

Oh my WORD really? That's pretty bad! I can see now and then getting a piece for your neighbor or something...but all the time? That's our government hard at work for ya! We get mail for dead people, so that's kinda creepy too, I guess....: )

Young Wife said...

Maybe you should call your postmaster and complain. That's pretty pathetic.