Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Staying Alive, Staying Alive

Ah, ah, ah, ah - staying alive!

At least for the moment.

So things went well with Mom. Couldn't get her to shut up but hey, no yelling was involved. I didn't even flinch when she told me I'm a bitter person who will be destroyed unless I get rid of it. I had to chuckle because golly gee, with encouragement like that, it truly is a wonder why I don't snap out of things faster.

Cricket, cricket

I think the guys are just now forgiving me for the visit. But Jared was all snuggled up to his grandma as we watched a movie, loving every second of it. Seems like there are no easy answers. I hear people say that life is black and white. On some issues, I'm not so sure.

On happier thoughts, Mom got a lot done and the bride-to-be is getting all excited. I think a certain bakery needs to thank me because ever since my wedding many moons ago, all the family is STILL talking about how wonderful the cake was. We're going on 17 years of marriage here people and that cake comes up at every family reunion.

Who knew I had such power? It's really more like behold, the fat chick will know what is the best thang out there. Thankyouverymuch.

So Mom was rubbing it in that they got to sample stuff and sho'nuff they went with the raspberry cream filled just like we picked out. Many.moons.ago.

I sat and listened to all the details and nodded. My Mom gave them tons to think about as there were details they hadn't even thought of. What can I say? This is not Mom's first rodeo. She knows what she is doing. I'm just happy never to go through that again in my life.

Mom and I were up early and just chatted. I got her to cut my hair. I think she thought I said I wanted to be scalped and she delivered. I know you're thinking you can't believe I let her near me with a sharp object, but she saved me money on a cut, not to mention I would have had to wait for Hubby dear to take me.

Ah, no thanks.

She pixie cut it and Sassy fits even better. With my hair now almost down to the nub, Mom kept going on and on about how much gray hair I have. I had just did a root touch up job about a week ago. I told her she should have seen how bad it was then. Mom was telling me I should stop coloring it. I don't have gray hair - my temples are silver -'s!! I will pause for a moment to try and come up some nice way of saying NO!!! Maybe when I'm 40-ish I'll let it go. Or not. I'm still slightly traumatized from a cousin telling me I'm spitting image of my Mom.

Oh, I was spitting but I'm not sure if it was from my image.

Hubs was a bit traumatized from how short it is which really cracks me up. I wear a flipping wig you nut job - who cares what my real hair looks like? This is coming from the man who thinks I should stop coloring my hair for the same reason.

I'll just let out a sigh that says men, you can't explain some things even if you draw pictures.

All in all, Hubby dear was happy to come home to a in-law free zone. And then we loaded up the spawn and went grocery shopping because we like to live on the edge.

I felt really bad for Hubs. It was one of those jobs where the furniture was supposed to be moved but wasn't so they had to move everything and then plaster the ceiling and then move everything back. Dude was dragging his butt through stuffmart. I felt so bad I drove Clifford home for him.

I'll leave out that I almost got us stuck in our own driveway. I guess the back end did not appreciate going over that mountain of snow. Whoopsies.

I would like to tell you something hilarious happened to us at wally world but that would be a big no. I am, however, still creeped out. I was chatting away with our favorite gal cashier when 4 guys - not much older than my boys - came right up to me and one kept trying to get a peep at my pin number on my debit card as I was trying to pay. I used my billfold to block the key pad but he was constantly hovering near me. I noticed he was looking at my card. Now I'm sending massive prayers that the jerk didn't get the full number. I put my card away and dude was still checking out my wallet.

What really gets me is this little punk hasn't had to work a day in his life. None of them did as you could tell by their clothes and yet he's trying to find out my info to rip me off??? I'm still bothered by it. Michael was really bothered by it as well. He said the guy was only inches behind my back and the way he was acting - this wasn't his first time spying on someone.

When we were leaving, they came right up behind me. I made sure my purse was in front of me and God help them if they would have even breathed on me. It would have been go time. I am beyond frustrated with money. New year means redo all the unemployment crap. Hubs did and we are STILL waiting to get money from January. I've been late on our vehicle insurance because I want to make sure we have food before I pay the bills. Phone calls have been made and we are still waiting. So for some little jack-wagon to think he's going to snatch my purse? I don't think so!

I have been taught to always be aware of my surroundings. I gave them no opportunity. But I could tell they were looking for one. Creeped me out. It's one thing to know evil is out there, it's another when it gives you a once over.

All while just trying to get groceries.


Julie said...

I can't believe those punks in Walmart! The nerve!!! I hope they didn't get your info!!!!!