Monday, March 21, 2011

As The Train Chugs

This week on the fast track of crazy, the train stopped and picked up a passenger - auntie flo. This has left me in a fetal position. Thankfully the cramps decided to show up after dinner which is good because a good karate kick to the gut will ruin any dinner. And I had made Cheeseburger Soup which has the running vote of being the best soup I make. Since this consist of lots of chopping of veggies and me holding a dull knife while attempting this, it's best not to be getting karate kicked.

So after dinner I found myself curled up on the couch where I had grabbed the remotes and announced I was going to watch Dancing with the Stars. Suddenly the room was emptied. Total score!

But right when Kristie was about to dance, the phone rings and it was my cousin. I'm not really sure I paid that much attention to what she said as I was too busy watching TV. So sad yet I don't even feel guilty. That can't be a good sign. She is a relative which means she can go for paragraphs without taking a breath of air. It truly is gift that all the women got.

I'm making sense now, aren't I?

My cousin is a single gal and at times I find myself not being able to relate so I just let her machine gun me down with what she had to say. And because I am awesome, I was able to see how great Kristie did and keep up with the conversation. After I got off the phone, one of the boys asked in amazement how do I do that? To which I had to say that only women can do that and if a guy tried it their heads would explode. My husband, who was clueless of my fetal position, upon hearing that announces, "flo is in the house, man your battle stations!" Chocolate, water, and Midol were served up faster than a speeding bullet.

The words escape me right now.

I want to know where this chocolate came from and from the speed they all moved at, I'm thinking these were drills that were practiced.

I'm not sure if I should thank them or kill them. I've been having an on-going war with myself and this is just another subject to argue over. As if I don't battle indecision as it is. Now I have something else to play rock, paper, scissors with myself about.

At least I'm not as bored with all this crazy. I have this sudden urge to yell, "all aboard!" If you need me, I'll be in the caboose with all the chocolate.


Julie said...

I could use some of that chocolate right about now...