Saturday, March 12, 2011

Best Day Ever

I had this post written aaaannnndd forgot to it the publish button. Because I'm all observant like that.

Friday was a fabulous day. It's so fab that I am still up at the wee hours. Oh wait, that's normal. But hey, I had a great day.

Hubs and I were planning on going out for a date Friday night. There ended up being no work so it turned into just a him and me day - all day - and then we went on our date. Very happy to see the house was still standing when we got home. Actually, we stopped back a few times, and once to throw food at them and took off for dinner and a movie.

Mother of the Year Award is so in the bag.

Okay, why are people upset about that empty nest thing? Because it was a totally fun day. I think it's going to be a woo hoo and boo hoo all rolled into one. I'll miss them but I'm sure I will go on. Somehow. Not having to battle the mountain of stench or get snarled at for some infraction I'm guilty of on a daily basis and not having my ears bleed from all the noise.

Yup, going to be a stretch for me.

Back to my fun filled day...

We hit a bunch of little things we've wanted to do but don't because some child will huff and puff and let us know they don't want to be there etc. One was we hit a Bargain Bookstore. I'm thinking of calling it the crack house. I got 4 books for a $1 each! I had seen this series before at the Christian bookstore but was more moolah than what I wanted to spend. Got the whole set for 4 buck-a-roos. Oh the happy!

Hubs ran into a store next to the bookstore and I called the boys to check on them. I had Nicholas in stitches because I was talking away to him and then saw an 'oh wow' person walk by and had to share. You know the kind - someone had lied to this person and they are in public that brings out an, 'oh wow' from everyone else who has eyesight. Even then, I'm sure a blind person could just hear the 'oh wow' radiating off of that person.

Case in point, who thought the genie in a bottle/Aladdin look was a good choice? Dude had almost all of his head shaved except for a patch on the very top that was pulled back into a ponytail. To add to this effect, he seriously had his chin hair cut into a wedge that came to a point. I wasn't sure if I should have locked my door or asked for 3 wishes.

That comment took Nicholas a while to recover he was laughing so hard. I wasn't kidding.

He almost gave up on the whole breathing thing as I kept making comments on more people. My method to this madness was to keep him laughing so he wouldn't drop any more hints for me to pick up some new music while we were out and about. Once he was able to breathe again, he went right for it and asked. I knew it was coming and said if he could wait a few more weeks the very CD that he wants will be on sale. To which he said perfect as Skillet is releasing Awake in a remix.

I was all yes, I can get out of it to aw dang, I walked right into that one. Well played, my friend, well played.

Not to be left out, Michael said that would work for him as well as some new music books will be out end of the month.

It rather sucks when your children know when you get your tax return. The hints - they are many.

I scored another McD's frappe while all this shopping was going on. More happy.

We hit the health food store for various reasons but Hubs found the mother load of Cliff bars and he was geeked out about it. Found a few flavs that he has wanted to try but couldn't find it. So he was quite happy.

And because I am so awesome, I went into his crack house which is Gander Mountain. He needed a couple pair of pants. Poor fellow had sticker shock. I keep trying to tell him when those puppies last a decade than it is worth the amount you pay for it. Luckily we had to head home to get the guys some food so I didn't have to look at any camping stuff. Dude has camping fever and so do the older 2 while J and I pretend we can't hear them.

There is talk of 3 of them going on a backpacking trip this summer while Jared and I will come up with something else to do. He loved that just the 2 of us went and saw Rango last weekend. Cute movie - older boys would have stabbed themselves with a straw but the 11 yr old loved it.

15, 15, and almost 12 year old. That is why I am aging. They are great kids but wow. So it was really nice just to get away and putz around with my honey. The kids - they do not approve of the putzing unless it's just for them. You should hear the pained sighs I get if I look at anything longer than 5 minutes.

Yessiry Bob, that whole empty house with just the old man is going to be a stretch.

Ow! I sprained my eye from rolling it.


Debbie said...

You always have such interesting things to report!
And it is fun to have an activity with just one child, isn't it?

Joanna said...

Debbie - it's weird but nice.