Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Know I Should Blog Something But...

I can't think of anything! At least not anything of importance. But that has never stopped me before.

I could tell ya how Hubs replaced the broken mirror on the van just in time to find out the starter went ker-blewy. The part is around $140. Dude is not happy right now. I had to remind him we had the same thing happen with Clifford the big red work truck and it's an older vehicle so hey, these things happen.

Me - being the positive one in a crisis. What the hey is that all about???

I know, I'm shocked myself.

I could tell you how the guys have started the camping trip talks which I said NOT GOING thanks to last year. I told Hubs that we don't know how this year is going to end up so he could forget about the long camping trip as that was extra expense. I even got the boys to back me that logically speaking what I was saying makes sense.

Me - being logical. The thing my husband accuses me of not being.

I would like to tell you I'm not gloating buuuttt...

How about if I told you I only did 1 victory lap and have kept it down to a dull roar? That should be believable.

We all watched American Idol. There were some great performances and some snoozers. I like Scotty but now I think he looks like the cartoon dude from Mad Magazine. But I think he should make to the top 5. I was very happy JLo fixed her lip color choice. Last week someone tweeted that it "looked like her lips were hemorrhaging" - it was really distracting. And she was so working the big hair too. One of the boys asked what in the world was Steven wearing and we said we don't know if he even knows. But I am loving the inner vein of crazy comment - I spent the rest of the night trying to work it into conversations. So far, it's not working but rest assured I will beat that dead horse into the ground. Like a brazillion times.

Yeah, I went there.

I should drag my butt off to bed. I spent most of the day battling smelly laundry and grading all the guys' school stuff. Hooray! I am caught up. Wonder how long that will last?

I need to go clean the kitchen first before I, hopefully, drift off to snooze land as I have some serious cooking to do tomorrow. Hope I got everything as I am back to wheel-less for a few days until Hubs can get it fixed. Needless to say, I will be dropping hints by the brazillion.


Melissa said...

At least you now HAVE a mirror on your car! My Dude ran into our side mirror taking out the trash (totally sober), and ripped the mirror completely off!

And I totally enjoyed your "post about nothing."

Kerri said...

Oh my GOSH Scotty DOES look like the MAD magazine kid. Creepy.
I'm a HUGE James Durban fan. Last night wasn't his best, but he's SO good. And the way his Tourette's just goes away when he sings...makes me cry. I LOVE Pia's voice too... but not so much the name.

Joanna said...

Melissa - ouch on the mirror thing.

Kerri - I can't help it now. I like him but every time I see him all I can see it that cartoon dude. Pia's outfit was an epic fail but at least the girl can sing.