Friday, March 11, 2011

It May Be A Toss Up Between Hormones And Cabin Fever

They sort of are the same with the end result of crankiness and sarcasm. I'm personally leaning toward the hormone level because really the guys haven't been bad but I, however, have been put in time out. I'm pretty sure if I wouldn't have made baked ziti for dinner, I would have been voted off the island.

And it is weird because it's not like I'm all we're doomed! And I'm not foaming at the mouth over something my mother said either. I'm not depressed - thank God. I want to go out and do something but I have no clue what. And this is coming from the person who has spent the last two days under a sherpa blanket saying glad we didn't have anywhere to go. That was after I was chanting for the snow to die but gave up when I saw a few snowflakes.

Seriously not sure if that falls under cabin fever or I've gone savage with the hormones. Or is that along the lines of intervention is needed? I really can't tell because some days it all sounds the same.

I found myself playing rock, paper, scissors WITH MYSELF over what to make for dinner the other day. That can't be good. At least I'm willing to cook. Last year, I was in the throws of some serious casserole blues. So this is progress. But there seems to be some mad conspiracy over frozen french cut green beans. I've asked on facebook and twitter if there was a French boycott I wasn't aware of but no one seemed to know why all the frozen french cut green beans have been banished from all the grocery stores around here. I have a few recipes that call for le french cut bean and the normal ones are okay only because what else am I going to do? Why I'm going to throw a temper tantrum and then rant and rave about it to my 2 readers, that's what I'm going to do!!

I can tell - you are just as outraged as myself.

It's the little things that keep you coming back for more. I just haven't figured out what that is.

Another possibility for my off kilter mood is trying to plot and plan next year's curriculum. I know I whine about this A LOT, but it is huge to slug through this stuff, wring your hands, and pray like you've never prayed before that the rapture will happen before any of this will matter.

Although I'm slightly scared of what Michael will do knowing he just did a year of algebra for nothing. I don't think I would live that one down for quite a while.

It's just a lot to go through. My personal opinion is this is the hardest part of homeschooling. Hubby tossed out he thought the boys should do music theory for next year to which I said it's not a theory, they do music all the time. My mom did ask me how in the world do I stand it when N is banging away on the piano and M is on the guitar upstairs going to town and J is doing some type of video game.

I wasn't aware I had a choice. I said I've been honing my Jedi tricks to try and find a happy place. It's either that or peel out of the driveway but that would require having somewhere to go.

Vicious cycle.

I can feel that boredom creeping in as I'm starting to really think about packing up the kids and visiting the distant fam for a day. I was asked in an email what are we doing for spring break. After I stopped laughing, I typed back we don't do anything for spring break. Probably won't even take it off. The guys are hitting the end of their rope and I'm worried if I let them off for a week, we won't be able to get back into it.

And that's just from me.

There have been days where I'm hiding in my room refusing to come out and we call that parent/teacher conference day. I have been really good this year and haven't hit double digits - yet.

Another possible crazy is the books I got. Someone should wrap me in caution tape and hang a sign around my neck that says, "under construction". Wowzers. I am tackling some serious issues. While I'm sure some are thinking it's about time, but some of these I wasn't even aware of. I got hit between the eyes with a few and I was all 'no, that isn't my issue, I have this, this and that but not THAT!

I bet I'm the only person out there with this problem.

Finding out my issues really do have issues? Priceless.


Melissa said...

Again, cracking up laughing! I've never played rock, paper, scissors with myself, but you've given me a new idea! Thanks for the laugh!

Joanna said...

Thanks Melissa!