Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh The Happy!

When we last left our heroine she was on the brink of freedom. Just in time for all the gas price hikes. Trying to not let that get her down, she presses forward. The epic tale of getting a vehicle after a bankruptcy has been a challenge. Picture her fluffy self jumping through hoop after hoop. Now picture the hoops on fire.

I guess laws have changed regarding how a person after bankruptcy can be treated. Bend over and grasp ankles is pretty close. You would think after this experience we would have gotten a clue. You would be wrong. Actually,
I didn't get the clue. Hubby did and has rolled with the punches. I got him to look at mini vans because it's more in the price range. We found one and was able to put a nice down payment on it and got a small loan.

For you normal people, you see a price and go get financed for it. We get a screw you fee. They add a percentage, I think like 36% of the loan price which gets added to the price of the vehicle and then you get charged a high interest on the whole loan.

I don't have kiwis but if I did, they would feel rather bruised right now.

We got all our ducks in a row - so we thought - got up there and got the gosh oh gee, don't think so on that van. My inner Cruella DeVil showed up and did some 'splaining how it was going to go down. Miracle of miracles, they made it work. Then when we showed up to get the van, they said no because they didn't have our proof of insurance. I know our guy sent it. I had a mild attack of 'don't make me rip your lower lip over your head' and the guy checked his fax machine only to discover that something was received but he was out of toner - and their entire office was out of that particular toner.

Are you kidding me??

I think when my head had twisted a full 3 rotations is when the guy said go ahead and just have him re-fax it tomorrow. I'm still cheesed off because he was supposed to copy that and give us a copy of insurance until we get the stuff in the mail. So now I have no proof of insurance yet and Hubs already said to wait a few days before I go out joy riding. But at least I got to take the van home so I'll let these men live. We're still getting slightly screwed but you have to start rebuilding at some point.

Ah, rebuilding. Now there is a topic God and I have been having some interesting chats on. I already know I got a booty stomp coming from a couple books I ordered. I tried to slide right past it but God saw what I was doing and then had Hubs suggested the same books I was trying to avoid.

Yeah. Thanks dear.

But back to the Joanna mobile.

I stopped counting how many times the guys said how nice it is on the way home. There are a few things we need to take care of. It needs new tires on the front and needs a new side mirror. I was sort of bummed that the power door wasn't working and neither was the radio. We got home and Hubby changed the fuse and all the bells and whistle on this thing now work. Holla!

So this is turning into a very good week. I got a feeling the boys are going to start inventing errands for us to run. We keep having these sunny days and I may go right along with it. Especially since the shamrock shakes are now at McDs.


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Congratulations on your new ride.

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