Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shopped Out

Not really but I'll take a break. Crazy few days. Tuesday night we had to do our loading of the carts to load up the pantry. Pretty uneventful which is rare but I'll take it.

We did find out that the van does need a new battery. Wednesday was a planned day of running around so Hubby takes van back to stuffmart to see if they will change the battery. Turns out they couldn't. Blah, blah some bolt was stripped blah, blah, can't do it.

I did not have a happy Hubs.

Who spent a while muttering all the evils of stuffmart. I guess if the van sits for too long the battery needs a jump. Great if Hubby dear is around but could be problematic if he's working. Once it's jumped it's fine just can't sit for too long. It will get fixed, I'm just not sure when.

So we loaded up the guys and grabbed lunch, went to Family Christian Bookstore (aka crack house) and got Nicholas his screamy music. BUT the new Skillet remix was not to be found and we're not sure if that is a download only. I have no idea, nor do I care. Something I guess I should work on but pretty doubtful that will happen. Got Michael a new guitar music book and the books I wanted to see if Jared would be interested in were not at this particular store. Wasn't the regular house of crack just a snort full.

And now my nose is itching at the thought of sticking anything up it. Totally creeped myself out. Let this be a lesson InterPeeps - don't do drugs. At least not anything you snort. I say that because I'm looking very fondly at the Midol bottle. While I won't snort it, I will be taking some.

Moving on...

I was telling Hubs that Old Navy was having a sale and I thought I should just look. I got a couple tops from them a few months ago that I liked. I hemmed, I hawed and then an email showed up with a 30% off coupon. Surely this was a sign from the Lord as I now pray for shopping anointing so I don't have to wait for my MIL to visit. Since I was driving, Old Navy we went.

Truly glad I went! Store wide clearance. I got a shirt for $2. N got a pair of pants, M got a shirt, I got a sweater, couple tops and a tank for like $45. You can bet yer sweet booty I was a happy shopper (not camper because I do not believe the words happy and camper should go together less my husband get the wrong idea).

Then I went to another store that I got the pair of jeans that started the whole I need to go shopping. Plus I got one huge hurkin ring. My cousin would say it is shiny and bling-iful, so it is perfect.

Bling on!

I was telling Hubs that I guess it's called a cocktail ring or something. Hilarious for me to wear because I have no life, therefore no cocktail thing to go to. I'm sure I'll manage to suffer through.

After this we went to another stuffmart. A bigger, better stuffmart. A stuffmart that has all kinds of cool stuff that our stuffmart doesn't carry. Not that I'm bitter. You may ask why in the world would we go to another stuffmart? Goof ball me did not bother to check the supplies for aunt flo's visit. While we were there I saw a cute purse that I snagged and we got Jared the video game that he was freaking out for. Star Wars Lego 3 - Clone Wars. I haven't watched any of it but from the amount of happy noises that were going on, it was a totally win.

There is a heated debated as to who was really the biggest winner. All of us got something we were wanting and felt like we were winning. This, of course, made me think of doing some Charlie Sheen rant about winning but why go there?

Instead we went to Sam's Club because obviously we hadn't had enough torture or spent enough money. I did noticed that Hubs' eyes were starting to twitch. He only had to do a couple breathing exercises and then was ok. Mainly because I did all the driving and he slept all the way back. I'll spare you all the details of him getting something he order for camping in the mail that day. Again, I think I should pay better attention...but...don't think it's going to happen.

How he ever survives, I'll never know.

By the time we got back, I was beat so he cooked dinner. It was either that or I was going to force him to get pizza. I think that's when his pocket book screamed get away you blood sucking parasite! And they say I'm the one with all the drama. Whatever.

But it was an awesome day! Even though it was cold out, and gray skies, and windy, and really yucky day - we were still winning.

Yeah, I went there. Sorry. I got distracted by the bling before I could stop myself.

So looks like I can spend the next few weeks in hibernation. Maybe by then the weather will remember it's Spring and will stop with all this cold.


Julie said...

Sounds like a fun, shipping kind of day! Must be tax return time! *lol* (that's the only time we get to do the fun shopping sprees *lol*)

I sure wish winter would end I am SO TIRED of the cold. Global warming, my fanny! *sigh*

Debbie said...

That is my kind of shopping when the whole store is on sale! And I love that ring bling.

Melissa said...

I love the ring! And the coupon was definitely a sign from God! I look for those signs all the time!

Joanna said...

Julie - you know it!

Debbie - you are still the queen of getting a good deal.

Melissa - my MIL has a shopping anointing that is something to behold. Things will go on sale right in front of her.

Young Wife said...

What a cute ring!