Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Blurb

You can tell I live in the land of boydom because all they can say about that ring is holy knuckle buster, Batman!! This then turned into a whole conversation of it really being a secret weapon and then they cracked themselves up by picturing me backhanding someone at stuffmart with this thing.

I had to point out that I don't go around backhanding people. Well, I may be thinking it but I don't do it. Big, big difference. Not to mention this would so hurt the bling-iful ring and I would actually like something pretty to survive this house of horrors against all things pretty.

Speaking of horrors...

The mother ship is coming in for a landing to visit. Hubby quickly came to that conclusion when he found me hiding under the couch "claiming to be cleaning" which judging from the size of these mutant dust bunnies that just doesn't happen. After he pulled me out from under the couch, which I still say I wasn't stuck, he was able to piece the rambling together to figure out my folks are going to visit next weekend.

It also helped all this figuring out that my folks called like 277 times. Which was a challenge as my cousin called 278 times. I can't feel my ears right now.

So the gist with my folks is that because their on going fight against the man, the man sometimes raids their accounts leaving them with zero dollars. Mom was able to stop them from taking their SS but can't keep the government out of her banking.

I could so take that in so many areas but I'm not.

This time.

In all things that make no sense, my folks still have their old bank which is in Michigan but they refuse to get a bank in Indiana. I guess this gives them the excuse since we have to come up and put money in the account, we'll swing by and see you guys.

Oh could you?

Hubs informed me that if the weather was decent the guys were going hiking that Saturday. I told him to go for it and to take all our spawn to protect them. I'm use to the pod people known as my parents. After all, they did hatch me.

He checked the weather and it's still supposed to be cold. I'm not sure who was muttering about it more, him or the boys. Except Jared who was doing the happy dance as he doesn't want to be in nature. He has the same idea as I do that nature should be observed behind a screened in porch. He is a weird combination of my crazy and Hubby's redneck. While Hubby himself doesn't have much of the redneck gene, it was still lurking around his gene pool. I looked at him and demanded to know why that was the only gene he gave to Jared. This is the child that still likes his boogers and he is beyond too old for that.

Let's just say, we pray for him a lot.

J did informed me that he is getting closer to being 12 to which I asked if he will then put away his booger ways. He looked around to make sure no one was around to hear his confession. He then leaned in real close and said ever so quietly, "I only do that now to gross you guys out".

Goal achieved.

Hubby had all last week off and I think he may have gone off the deep end. He cleaned a lot of things that he wasn't even aware of, like the bathmat in the tub. The clear one that shows you just how nasty it is type of mat. He cleaned the tub, the shower curtain etc. all because I had said I needed to do that this week.

Right now I'm trying not to abuse this power, but this is me and if nothing else, I overdo things. I started mentioning a few more things and a couple of them got cleaned AND he ran the dishwasher before he went to bed.

Strange behavior.

I bet he told God that he would do extra things to be nice to me if only He would send some warmer weather and miss out on the visit from hell the pod people. For his sake, I hope it works. Because I can come up with a list of things for him to do faster than he can think.

Looks like Hubs does have some work this week so I'm not sure how long this strange behavior will last.


Julie said...

Hope the visit doesn't make you too crazy.... *sigh*

Joanna said...

Julie - I think I've been there and back. lol