Monday, March 21, 2011

What Weekend?

I am feeling bad for the Hubs. Saturday he did all kinds of take apart things and get the part checked auto stuff that I couldn't even begin to explain. Well, I could but who wants to read he charged the battery and that seemed to fix the whole problem but the paranoid wife of his made him check both the battery and the starter and both were fine? See that just slows you down on the reading part and makes me look bad verses I could just look like a ditz.

Yeah, we'll just move right along.

Anyhoo, this took dude all day to get it done but I have my van back. Plus he changed the oil in Clifford the big red work truck. All while I battled more laundry which whoopee-doo-dah, I do that all the time. Sunday rolls in with thunderstorms after thunderstorms. There was a loud boomer that rattled the whole house and Jared came flying down the steps and dove onto the couch/me and crawled under the blanket. After asking him if it startled him he hollered from under the blanket, "ya think?"

That's my kid.

All this massive down pour has the upstairs area leaking again. Maybe I won't miss this house.

So the evening was spent mopping up lake Erie, because we couldn't discover this in the afternoon because we were all downstairs.

Good times.

The guys all trudged off to bed, grumbling about Monday, algebra, and taking out the trash. We're getting closer to getting it done but it couldn't happen soon enough for the guys. I'm going to make it up to them later in the week. A couple new albums are coming out. Skillet is releasing their Awake album in a remix. This has got to be code for getting you to buy the same stupid album with just a faster pace or some special echo that was added that they left off the first album. Makes my head explode.

I'm even going to let Nicholas get a Red album. Heaven help me! They scream/sing a lot. Picture Animal from the Muppet's just banging on a drum yelling/singing or whatever his furry self does and you'll get about the same effect.

I'm told I am not amusing with that statement.

But I have to say (with all the sarcasm I can muster) that you truly haven't lived until your child has played all this loud screamy music....on the piano. Again, sounds like Animal beating away saying, "play drums, play drums, aaaahhhhh!"

Or whatever his furry little self says.

I would say bless his furry little heart but he doesn't have one. Just a faint pulse of the dude who has his arm shoved up Animal's hoo-ha. Now there's a mental picture for ya.

So we spent the rest of the evening like a bunch of slugs and watched various TV shows. Hope we are all recovered and ready to face another week. Especially since our weather is calling for that evil white stuff that falls from the sky later in the week.