Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where I Now Will Weep Uncontrollably

It was a typical Monday. Everything I did could have the why did I even bothered sign pasted right next to it. Cleaned the bathroom - not even 10 minutes later the toilet needs cleaned again. Cleaned the table, wiped it down etc - we're having dinner and all 4 guys had something swan dive off their fork and went ker-splat on the fresh table.

But of course it did.

This was after we got another phone call from dealer that golly gee, we have to come back and sign a few more things. Are you kidding me??? We had the same problem when we got Hubs truck. There was always some snafu where they forgot to have us sign a line or twenty.

So when the freshly scrubbed table was hosed down, I looked at Hubs and said, "and now I will weep uncontrollably." He cracked up laughing for a good 5 minutes. I sat there looking at him and it made him laugh even harder that I wasn't kidding.

Um, okay.

Nice to know my raw emotional state is something of amusement. You know they never find it funny when my head is spinning and making their lives completely miserable. Maybe a little sensitivity at this stage could possibly prevent the going savage stage.

But what would I know?

I guess we get to take another jaunt to go make someone happy and sign a few more lines. I said I better get a mocha frappe out of this or heads will roll. Then to add to this cranky train, it's everyones favorite time - the loading of the carts. Which means I had to chase people down, threaten them with bodily harm to get some dinner suggestions, as well as what is needed for the grocery list.

Yippee Skippy.

And while cooking dinner, Jared informed me several times that he really doesn't like what I'm cooking and wanted to know if he could have something else. I said we're having shut up and eat it or I'll kill you for dinner. I'm not sure if he's bold or stupid because he didn't even miss a beat and said, it's going to be one of those nights, huh?

I'm really hating karma right now.

So the grocery list is partially done, the toilet and the table are re-cleaned, and I am hiding in a corner. Why can't I remember days like this when I'm all Sunrise, Sunset? Shouldn't I be giving myself high-fives that I let them all live another day? You would think.

I think all of this is more than what my brain can handle right now and since I have a full day, I'm going to face drag myself off to bed.


Debbie said...

Girl, I know the feeling! I think I've been having days like that since this crazy year started!

Kerri said...

Wub you.

Joanna said...

Debbie - I hope your funk ends soon.

Thelma, I mean Kerri - are we ever getting together again?? ;)