Friday, April 29, 2011

All That Jazz

I was going to blog yesterday but with all the storms, our Internet connection was acting up and slowed it all down to the point that I was ready to toss the computer right out the window.

Good times.

So here I am hunkered down with yet another round of I don't sleep like normal people and have decided to put it to good use and watch the royal wedding. While the rest of the normal sleeping people will watch it on their DVR (that we don't have) I will already have seen it - live.

So nanner nanner.

I do have to say I'm surprised I am still up. The drama was at an all time high around here. The guys are done with algebra but it was a brutal week. Nicholas was overjoyed and sort of slammed his brother on facebook. Michael was seething and words were had. They made a great team with their math this year. Nicholas wanted to get it over with while Michael dragged his feet, his caution caught mistakes that speedy didn't.

Needless to say, I need some girly fluff to veg out with.

After we watched idol, (wished Casey would have lasted a few more weeks) and then Bones, I watched a lot of shows about Lady Diana and her dresses and jewels. I can't help think about her and not being there for her son's big day. Watching all these shows of Lady Di makes me reaffirm my opinion that Charles is still a tool bag and Camilla is horse blanket.

Found something out I didn't know - the Queen can't say, "Charles you're a tool bag, so you can't be king - here ya go Wills." Basically the Brits are stuck with Sir Chuck as king whether they want him or not. What's the deal with that? The Queen can't pick who to pass the crown on to I think is wrong, but then again I guess having her son and his horse blanket beheaded probably wouldn't go over too well.


I also have reason to watch all this live. We are going to busy and I really won't have time to watch all the recaps. The older guys and Hubs are going backpacking this weekend and Jared and I are still in a rock, paper, scissors discussion on what all we are going to be doing.

Again, need some girly fluff because hanging out with Jared there will be no girly nor fluff to be had. Probably a burp off is in my future which is preferred over a fart off.

I can tell you are envious. Or not.