Friday, April 22, 2011

In An Attempt To Look Like I Know What I'm Doing

I will try not to ramble on and on and on...and I normally do. When I post random stuff, I get the feeling y'all sort of drift into a coma as your eyes roll back into your head. You think it's bad reading? Try having to hear all this in person.

Although I hear I'm quite animated when I talk so maybe that's the charm.

Or not.

Randomness squished into paragraphs because I can't make if flow together.

1. Very happy Stefano is no mo on American Idol. I predict Jacob will be gone next week. I'm making this guess from the comments I've been reading all over this here Internet thing. Although I was awwing for James as he was in tears over the whole thing.

2. Dancing With The Stars is sort of confusing me because the people that get the highest scores from the judges seem to end up in the bottom 3. Not sure what that is all about and I have given up trying to figure out who will win.

3. We only have 1 week left of the dreaded algebra. There is much rejoicing in the land. But there is still a few more weeks of biology and 2 weeks of history. Everything else is done. Not graded yet but at least it's done. J will just be done when I say done which I'll make him go until his brothers are done.

Very proud of the guys! After all the stress and fights of years past, this year it has clicked. Nicholas has been huge on get r done! Michael would have done better if he could have overlooked his deep loathing of algebra. Jared totally improved by huge leaps. He brought all subjects up but his biggest struggle is still spelling which has bit him in the butt on a lot of stuff but he has come a long way!

They did really well and we are all looking forward to being done. It also helped that since we had nothing going on that there wasn't any distractions. I could go on and on about pressing through and running this race with endurance but I'll leave that for another post.

4. Ended up hitting Sam's Club. Got Dekker's new book for $10 and snagged Baldacci's new one. I bet Hubby will be done with both books by Saturday night. He reads super fast and I'm trying not to be envious of his abilities. Dude's superpower is being really smart and mine is being really sarcastic. Now how is that fair, I ask you?

But while at Sam's, a huge bucket of sort of like Jelly Bellies dove into my cart along with chocolate covered raisins. I thought with the guys totally distracted with hitting up all the sample carts it would go unnoticed but I was wrong. I'm not sure how long either container will last.

5. I have to do some serious cleaning. My Friday is going to spent folding baskets of laundry, putting them away, finishing the ironing because it has been mentioned a time or 50 that I've let that slide all week. Thankfully Hubs came to my defense and told the boys if they have a problem with it they could iron their own clothes.

Funny how that shut them up.

Once I'm done with that the kitchen needs a major cleaning. Every cookie sheet is dirty and I think I may have to run the dishwasher twice. Here's to hoping I get it all done Friday.

6. Haven't heard anything from my folks. Heard through the grapevine they are ticked off because Hubs got a bit snarky with them last time which is now something I want him to repeat. This means we are safe for Easter. The guys are doing the happy dance.

7. I have decided to pull the plug on all things this Sunday for the day. Celebration is what we are focusing on. Music, food, a bible study, and playing some games with the guys are what we have planned. But there will be no TV or them playing music - I want some quiet in the house and for us to focus on Jesus and His victory.

This last year with no distractions going on has been interesting. We've all pulled closer to God and have had the time to deal with those pesky issues that are so easy to sweep under the rug or just flat out ignore. I know I get easily distracted and this has been both good and painful to just sit and be still and to know that He is God. More stuff for a later post.

I just realized that this ended up being a lot longer than what I had intended. So much for me not rambling!


Julie said...

I wish I could have some quiet time on Easter Sunday, but alas... I have to work. :(

Jared will be doing pre-algebra this next year. I don't think he is looking forward to it... I remember doing it my freshman year, and doing very well in it. But darn if I can't remember ANY of it, so I am no help to him. *lol* ... But we are going to try Saxon Math, with the D.I.V.E. CD's (that have the video tutorials on it, for the lessons) next year, and see if that helps with the whole math thing.

We are just about finished with school. Josh and Amanda are done, Alicia has 2 more math lessons, and Jared will be finished on Monday or Tuesday. Can't wait to be on summer break!!!

Joanna said...

People bowl on Easter? Whoa. Sorry you have to work it. :(

We did the Teaching Textbooks again and just last week the guy was doing the lesson and I had NO CLUE what he was trying to say!! So sad. Luckily the boys did. I think whatever you use have some type of CD or DVD that someone can explain it.

I can tell we are all running out of steam with school work. Time for the summer break!