Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lived To Fight Another Day

Oh Interpeeps! I would have wrote this yesterday but part of the whole 'I survived' was we had some n-a-s-t-y storms that blew through. All of it decided to show up while we were driving home from stuffmart and then hauling in all the groceries.

What fun!

I'll leave off that I make the guys do it. What's the point of having this many guys if not to make them haul in all the food they inhale, I ask you?

I will back up and say it is truly God's grace that we made it out of the wally world alive. The place was packed! It was a nightmare to get our band of carts down every aisle. There were a few that we had to abandon the carts just to wade through the peoples to try and get the goods. I'm pretty sure if that lady will rest today and keep her leg elevated the swelling will go down.

All I can tell you is if you don't have your Easter stuff gathered, you may be screwed.

I'm blaming Jubilee for the mentioning of peanut butter eggs. Once it was out there it sort of stalked me. And after that emotional meltdown that I still have no idea what it was all about, I felt it would be wise to have something comforting like PB and chocolate on hand to sooth the savage beast if it rose again.

The trouble with this is that everyone else had their own reasons for snagging the PB goodness. There was a band of women that were bent on getting most, if not all, of the chocolate in the store. One gal made sure to block the aisle so her partners in crime could grab what they could.

Now these ladies were a bit scary looking. I had to ask myself if I really wanted to go toe to toe with a woman who had her lip, eyebrow, nose, and both ears repeatedly pierced. Not to mention most of her skin was covered in ink. Clearly this woman did not have a problem with pain so a little cart bump was not going to move her.

And I was pretty sure she would stomp all over me if I tried it.

I sat there in a near panic as these women were going ape on the chocolate while Attila the Hun stood guard giving me the stink eye. So I did what I always resort to in case of emergency - I made Hubby go in after it. Attila was so busy keeping me and a little old lady out of the way that she didn't even notice Hubs. Probably because he didn't bother with a cart while granny and I were trying to jockey for position with our carts.

Dude was triumphant but could only get a few. We later found out that all the Easter candy was marked down and that people waited for the last second to score on the deal. Makes sense and I will be sure to invest in steal toe boots and a baton for next year.

Luckily for us, stuffmart had a bunch of fancy shmancy chocolate on clearance near the dairy. $1 for a $4 bag of chocolate? Why yes, thank you. So we are locked and loaded for either Easter and/or emotional meltdowns.

But wait, there's more.

It seems like other things were picked clean. Things like laundry soap. The twins have had skin issues from day one and it is laundry soap free all the way. I like ALL because it works and it's not as expensive. When you calculate all the laundry I do, I like to save some moolah any chance I can get. So I was a bit miffed that the ginormous one with the spigot was all (snort) gone. We had to get the next size down. I was not happy because I spent almost the same amount but got a lot less product.

Did I mention the place was packed out?

"Good stuff, Greg" (Snapple commercial)

Then the painful part - paying for it. It was almost a record high. I almost burst into tears. I can't say that I was totally surprised with getting a ham and realizing I was out of just about everything. I even used a lot of coupons but it was still painful. When we were done and trekked out to the van, I had to inform Hubby that we needed to head down a ways to Meijer as some key ingredients were not at Wal-Mart. I'll leave out his level of happiness upon hearing this news especially after the amount of money we just spent.

I think I'll wait till later to tell him I need to go to Sam's Club too.

I'm not sure what he expects actually. We still haven't gotten the unemployment check which sad to say, is normal and just more hoops to hop through.

Say that five times real fast.

Work is still all over the place and I usually take us down to not much in the house because I have no idea when or how much the check is going to be. Suddenly the extra gray hair is really making sense now. I've been getting pretty good at using up what we have. There is no stock pile here but makes for a killer loading of the carts.

When it was all said and done - we were all tired. It was driving home that the storm decided to show up. It was more the wind and lightning that were pretty nasty but once we got everything into the house is when it poured down raining. The power had gone out while we were gone but the street lights and all the outside lights kept going off and then back on. Needless to say, I stay off the computer. Anytime we have flickers, it kills our Internet connection and it takes a while to get it back.

I'm not going anywhere today as I have a lot of laundry to deal with but at least I have chocolate. I will survive!


Julie said...

I've been so busy with homeschool and work lately, that I don't even have to go to Walmart anymore. I just make a shopping list and send hubby and one of the boys while I'm at work. *lol*

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