Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Angst Against Monday

When we last left our heroine, she thought Monday was all done with her. She thought wrong. It went on to go all gangsta on her and had her pinned to the floor in a vicious battle of laundry. Thinking this was the end, she let out one last gasp for help but ended up choking on a dust bunny. All the choking and gagging noises alerted the oh-so-not-observant crew of guys. They did manage to pull her out but then asked what was for dinner. All whimpers of kill me now where ignored and the question was repeated.

After dinner, more laundry was battled and then she shoveled the dishes out of the sink. And now here she sits, too tired to get up and go to bed but not tired enough to just pass out on the couch. Which is probably a good thing because it's not that comfy. Sadly, the eyeballs aren't even tired - now. They were for hours after Mr. I walk on the wild side knocked on my door.

I have come to the conclusion that being forced awake is the cruelest thing to a tired mom. A mom that has to listen to all kinds of crap from everyone yet is supposed to magically make it all better with the snap of her fingers.

I think I let the kids watch too much Mary Poppins as children.

It is better to slowly become aware that it is, in fact, daylight and time to get up. Better than being all nice and comfy and totally unaware of what is going on, when one of your kids flies into the room flipping out because someone is banging on the door. You open your eyes only to have them scream from the pain of bright light! so you slam them shut. While this is going on, your heart rate went from 0-60 so you're not sure if you are a car, where dead, or are going to be dead. All you know is that someone is going to die. Your brain isn't entirely working so it hasn't decided who yet.

But that is a Monday for you. Who else can drop kick you through the goal post of life other than a Monday?

Speaking of face planting in the end zone, that little power flicker we had killed the cord to the laptop. According to Hubby dear, when I came too I was weeping and mumbling something he couldn't understand. I was told we'll get to it which was not something I wanted to hear as this means it could be weeks before he actually "gets to it".

I'm now plotting to starch his underwear to see how fast he will get around to get it done.

What? We all knew I was the crazy one in this picture. But dude drives the bus.

Speaking of crazy, did you like how my MIL went a little nutty on my facebook status? I've known Brenda for years and she is the eternal ray of sunshine. My MIL is the eternal dark cloud of doom. And I'm pretty sure my Mom is the eternal bolt of lightning. But that is neither here nor there. Thought it was funny how Brenda tried to keep it all nice and happy and my MIL crapped all over it.

And y'all wonder why we pretend to be orphans.

The sun'll come out tomorrow! But first I have to blow away that dark cloud and for Pete's sake look out for that flash of lightning!!

I blame all of this on Monday, btw. I'm pretty sure it started the whole thing to begin with.