Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

And are trying to drown me. Not really but we'll just go with it.

In keeping with the holy fershiznit that has been the last few weeks, we got a tax bill for Hubs epic failure of a business that his wife begged him not to do no longer business. Nothing like ripping open a painful reminder to see a ginormous screw you bill attached to it.

Once Hubby picked me up off the floor, he said that someone or something didn't get the right form blah, blah - I blanked out. After I stopped glaring at him, and he had a moment to spare, he got to call like 1500 different numbers. Once he got a hold of someone, sure enough, they didn't get the form that he already filled out and mailed back in like October but who's counting? You know, besides me?

After repeated reassurances that it's fine and all worked out, I let him lived. Gosh, I'm such a supportive wife, right? RIGHT??

It wasn't really THAT bad but if I'm going to air these little things that most normal people keep to themselves, I might as well jazz it up a bit.

And in a sad attempt to keep with the title of water and head - Jared seems to be having issues with his 2 in 1 shampoo conditioner. I was walking by him and noticed he had huge flakes in his hair. On further inspection you could see that he wasn't getting all of it fully rinsed out of his thick carpet like hair so it dried and was flaking off.

And I thought I was the flake. Ba-dum-bum!

The boy has some serious thick hair. We have to keep his hair buzzed because remember Zoolander? I'm pretty sure if I let the boy's hair grow out a bit more he would so have that look.

"One look? I'll show you one look!"

Sorry! Couldn't resist.

I dragged him to the sink and hosed his head down. No joke - for 10 minutes his hair just foamed out soap bubbles. After rinsing out about a year's worth of soap, I used different shampoo on him and now his hair is soft and totally fluffy. So fluffy that it is borderline Zoolander-ish. He kept saying his head didn't feel so itchy now.

Geez, ya think??

What is the deal with shampoos turning all rogue? The twins had the same problem with theirs about a month ago. They have dandruff with oily hair - a gift from their dad as he has the same combo - and we've tried every brand out there. Finally found one that works but sheesh what a pain.

First the lack of keeping the blankets clean, now flakey hair issues - I so have that worst mother of the year award in the bag!