Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some Good Changes

I wish I had something blog worthy to blog about but that would require more brain power than what I own at this moment.

We even had nothing happen when we went to stuffmart. Either that or I completely blocked it from my memory. The guys reassure me nothing happened.


That leaves me with...not much.

I would like to say for all the blog posts where I ranted and raved of being frustrated with my boys on the homeschool front, this has been a whole new year. For the older 2, even though Latin and American Lit totally bombed out, they have done very well in algebra, biology, American History, and, of course, music. Getting A's on all of those. J his holding down 93% which according to SOS is a B, in my book he is holding down an A. Huge improvement from when he started off. He even got his first 100% on spelling the other day. All in all, this has been the best year we have had academically.

And there is a huge sigh of relief from this mom.

I'm almost done with getting next year's stuff rounded up. But after wading through everything, we will be done in a month and a half. I don't think I've ever been this on top of things. Miracles still do happen.

I asked the guys what they were planning on doing for their summer break and it went along the lines of 1 kid sleeping until noon and then playing his guitar until his fingers are numb, 1 kid playing the piano until his fingers are numb, and 1 kid playing video games until his fingers are numb.

I'm sensing a trend.

I have a feeling nothing will change for me over the summer as duty calls. Goodness knows the dishes won't clean themselves and while I think the clothes could crawl into the washer on their own power, I think they will refuse just to mess with me.

One thing I am determined to keep up is the journey that God has me on right now. It's weird because it is all part of this coming out of the grave thing. I'm hitting on stuff that is just mind, body, and soul. Reading a lot of good books which I'm getting a lot of ah-has. Switching up some things that I eat. Having PCOS there is links to insulin resistance. I'm reading Don Colbert's book on I Can Do This Diet and it sort of brings a lot of info I knew all together to give the oh moment. I'm still trying to tract down a couple supplements but I'll get there. I'll also spare you how I'm trying to give up pop. I may have whimpered once when one of the guys poured a glass of cold Coke in front of me.

Work in progress.

But the funniest part are these walk at home DVDs I got. (Julie you totally inspired me) Although I'm slightly concern that Jared is trying to kill me. We've been at it for a couple months. It took us a while to work up to it, but last week we did the 4 miles. Our legs were jello the rest of the day! I feel great doing 2 miles but that 3rd and 4th mile must use up all the great feeling.


I have to laugh because I was reading Made To Crave and had the whole need an accountability partner. I rolled my eyes because I have no one. And then God said haha you have Jared. He is loving it and the first thing out of his mouth is are we walking today?

We've noticed that Monday we can barely do 2 miles and then it takes us the rest of the week to work up to the 4 miles. Then the weekend is here, hallelujah! Only to have Monday show up and say time to pay the piper.

Darn that piper.

While I'm losing some weight and inches nothing worthy to brag about - yet. But it is a good change. Move out of the way stone, I am coming out of this grave.

So it's been some nice changes. I'm not sure what corner we turned but it has been really nice!


jubilee said...

So glad that things are brighter for you! I walked yesterday - four laps around our neighborhood is just over three miles. Wowza is right!

I have done the Leslie Sansone walking DVDs and they can be killer too. Lots of yucky sweat. ;)

Joanna said...

Those are the ones! I jogged mile 2 today - kill me now please! You know it's sad when one hand hangs on to the girls from bouncing and the other for the belly.