Friday, April 8, 2011


That is about all that is left of my brain from Thursday.

Started off that my folks called to make sure I would be home. After I cussed myself out for answering the phone, I owned up to the fact that I had no where to go.

You really shouldn't be all the surprised as to why they would come up for another visit. They are convinced the government is going to shut down, blah blah, end of the world, doom and gloom. I guess they thought they would come share their views on life and government.

Oh please do. It's either listen to you or throw myself off a cliff and that's after I hit myself repeatedly in the head.

They said I'm not that funny.

They wanted to grab some of their paperwork and some of their stuff. Fine with me as that is less crap I have to deal with. But I could have done without their 2 hour long rant. I know I should feel bad but after I made everyone a cup of tea, I sat there and totally zoned out. Elvis had left the building. My bod was still there only because it couldn't figure out how my brain managed to get up and go without it.

Hubby however decided to go toe to toe with my Mom. I love him for trying. But she doesn't listen, she doesn't back down and if you tell her I disagree - get comfy it is going to be a while.

I was surprised that my Dad had jumped in that we need to prepare for the storm blah blah. Hubs fired right back that all their preparation was for nothing and most of their preparations where way past expiration dates and he was stuck dealing with it.

I went to high five him but both my parents rudely interrupted him and went on to blather on about something. I blacked out there for a while. I was thinking how excited I was that American Idol was going to be on that night.

Boy was that ever a let down!!

Can.not.believe Pia was voted off!! There are 3 guys I have been hoping would get the boot. I'm still mad about the whole thing. Either that or I was coming off some emotional angst. I did noticed that Haley had a relieved yet slightly smug look on her face. Pia was her biggest competition and not now.

I'm still mad. Hopefully Pia can go on to have her own record deal and stomp all over whoever wins Idol.

But the final blow of yesterday that flopped over into today was yet again the unemployment office sits on its butt and doesn't do the job. Waiting on a check so I can pay some bills really stinks. Which now those are late and I get to pay a late payment fee. It's not my fault I get to sit and wait on someone to make up their mind.

Grr! Rant, rave, snort, pout.

And in that order too.

Glad it is Friday. Hubs is going to take older two hiking over the weekend while J and I kick some serious Star Wars Lego butt and watch a movie or 2. I'm pretty sure I won't bother to answer the phone.


Debbie said...

That's just so unfair that you will owe more money because of their lateness. I am sorry to hear that.

Joanna said...

Thanks Debbie! I've buried my head in a bag of chocolate to try and ease the pain.