Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wanna Shrink Your Stretch Marks?

I was totally going to do this post earlier but, um, I sort of forgot. But yesterday's post about Brenda reminded me.

As I said, I've known Brenda for years. Once upon a time we all went to the same church. Really hate it when you lose touch with people when no one goes to the same church any more. I'll spare the whole angst of it all and why does that always happen rant.

So back to Brenda...

A few months ago she started posting something about wrapping on facebook and how it was tightening up skin. As a person stuffed with too much fluff and having twins, my skin is shot. Don't let that picture fool you. You're not seeing what is below the neck. My butt has knocked over my children! Of course, that's been years but clearly I'm still traumatized from the whole ordeal.

I emailed Brenda and was all hobbity-hoobity-wrappy-what? Once she stopped laughing at me, she sent me a link to the whole thing which I will do so now for you right here.

Something that would tighten up skin??? Sign me up baby! So I had Brenda come over and I got to try it for $25. I had her wrap my muffin top because hello? I am not a fan of it. You have to leave this thing on for at least 45 minutes, so we had a blast just talking away and 2 hours later we remembered to take it off.

You have to drink a ton of water the day of the wrap and probably the day before as that is part of the flushing process. All too technical for me to explain or understand. To date I am her worst loser. I'll explain that. She has had people lose anywhere from 3-7 inches off their waist!! Me? 1 1/2 inches. Ra-ra.

I went ahead an ordered a 4 pack with shipping and handling and it came to just over $100. I tried the muffin top again and didn't even lose an inch. I was a bit bummed and was worried it was going to be chalked up to of course it doesn't work for me!

It just dawned on me that my grandmother AND my MIL has that same attitude. Wow is that ever going to cause some psychological scarring once I sort that one out.

Since I still had more wraps, I tried it on the lower part of my double-decker belly where having children has wrecked the whole area. Oh my word!! First off, it felt wonderful. I don't remember what all the ingredients are to this thing but it felt wonderful on the skin. And then when I took it off - could not believe it!! It shrank all my stretch marks and totally tightened up the skin!!! I lost 4 inches too.

And there was rejoicing in the land.

Brenda and I have been tossing back and forth why the muffin top didn't shrink. I told her I was now worried I had a toxic muffin top of flubber. I've had a lot of issues with the whole stubborn belly fat. Can lose weight except there. Such a lovely gift I would like to not have. That's connected to the whole poly-cystic ovarian stuff which is linked to insulin resistance.

This did get me to researching and getting some God pushing as I've been coming across a lot of helpful stuff. I was telling her all the stuff I've been reading in Don Colbert's book I Can Do This Diet and he address PCOS and insulin resistance as well. Brenda had already told me to up my fiber by a lot which is what I've been reading. I'm sure I'll bore you with those details later in another post but I'm finally realizing why I've tried a lot of diets and not get the same results "normal" people do.

I was hoping to wrap my arms before I did this post so I could say that it's not just for the tummy and could give it more kudos, but that requires Hubby to help me because I can't do it on my own. He is currently having to change tires on his truck because his dad keeps insisting that he has fixed this one tire. It went flat again, this is the 4th time, dude is ticked off, I am leaving him alone.

But seriously - this stuff shrank.my.stretch.marks!!!! If I could I would wrap my whole body but that is a bit pricey and you can only do one wrap at a time. It has been well over a month and I can tell that I need to do another wrap again but it didn't go back to what it was before and the inches have stayed off. A lot of people have had better success at it than I have but I'm still happy with what it did shrink.

I so wish you all lived close because if anyone local is interested, I can hold a wrap party and you can try it yourself for $25 before spending that much money. You do have to wrap yourself with plastic wrap to hold it in place for the 45 minutes. Helps it stay in place and keeps the goop from getting on clothes.

They do have a loyal customer program where you can get it A LOT cheaper but you have to let it automatically take out the amount for 3 months out of your checkbook. Hubby said no so I paid the higher price. Someone explain that one to me??? Because I'm being told I'm not logical.

Yeah, okay, whatever.

To quote Brenda's daughter - "get a wrap done and get your sexy on." They do have a cream that does treat stretch marks that a lot of people are watching them disappear. I haven't tried it but I'm still geeking out about having tighter skin. Cool stuff!

I am not being paid to say any of this - this is my experience with this product. Even though I didn't have huge success yet, I can say the product really does work!


Kerri said...

Very interesting! I may look up that link!

Joanna said...

If you want - we can have a wrap party and you can try it for $25.