Monday, April 11, 2011

What I Did With My Weekend

With a title like that surely I would have something blog worthy. But this is a Monday and I can not be held responsible for whatever tumbles out.

Saturday Hubs and the teens went for a day hike. I said they went hiking and they were all like no that's not correct, it was just a day hike and I'm all like what is the difference? I got some speech but I will be honest, I didn't care enough to focus on the words that were coming out of their mouths. So I just sort of sat there with a glazed over look and nodded at all the right moments.

I thought it was cute they all thought I was paying attention. Truly it is a gift to ignore someone at this level.

However, there has been some angst in the ranks and I decided to have just the teens go and keep Mr. McSqueakerton with me. Jared thanked me. Matter of fact, Nicholas and Michael both thanked me for this wise decision.

And there was peace in the land.

After they left, J and I declared a Star Wars Lego war. After hours of that, for some odd reason someone was in a mood to watch a Star Wars movie. I agreed and we were half way through episode 2 when the guys got back. I had to bail on J because I am expected to hear the tale of wonderment. I guess guys really do like it when you pay attention to whatever it is they are talking about.

Who knew, right?

I did find it rather funny that all of them were really relaxed. But Michael cracked me up the most. It was like the wind blew away his storm cloud and he was no longer Eeyore. He had this happy look on his face, he joined in on the conversation instead of being forced into it. Truly was a miracle. And he is so like his dad it's not even funny! But there was not one once of snark from either one of them. I joked that Hubby should take them out once a week to blow the stink off and they were all like OK! All depends on the weather. Not fun to go hiking when it is raining.

After their tale of wonderment, I forced them to take showers. I made homemade mac and cheese and we had brats for dinner. While eating we talked more about the Civil War. That is something they are studying right now and long story short we ended up watching Gettysburg. Good movie. I now have all the music in my head and I've been humming it off and on.

Sunday rolled around and not much to tell. I forced Jared to watch Tangled again. He only rolled his eyes at me once and then caved like I knew he would. I gave him the option of Tangled or Megamind so it's his own fault if he was annoyed.

Sunday ended with huge gust of wind, rain going sideways, serious thunder, a power flicker and about 10 minutes worth of a really angry storm. Then it rolled away. 3 out of 5 in our household slept right through it and didn't even know it rained.

I was not one of those people.

Then Monday showed up by someone knocking on our front door early. I have no idea who it was because by the time I threw on clothes and got downstairs the person gave up and left. Which is good because I can't say I'm overly social. There was no car in the driveway so I'm betting it wasn't anything important. Matter of fact, I'm betting it was someone trying to get us to come to their church for their Easter program. Turns out it was a Jehovah Witness as he left a pamphlet crammed in my door.

Really Monday? Really??

So Monday has started off with a nanner nanner. Topped off with a couple phone calls I need to make, no unemployment money, and 3 overflowing baskets of laundry that needs to be dealt with. Whee.

Really wished those pirates would have done their job and taken out Monday.


rthling said...

Sounds like Michael's love language might be quality time. Good for the hubster for loving those teens. They need all of it they can get!

Kerri said...

Good thing those JW's didn't get in!! Annoying!!

Joanna said...

D - the boy gets lots of quality time but just like his dad, get him outside and everything is ok.

Kerri - I'm still mad the dude woke me up. He better believe in God because had I gotten to the door - he would have gone on to meet Him.