Saturday, April 30, 2011


Oh the emotions! They are all over the place. While this is nothing new - this set of emotions is.

I stayed up to watch the royal wedding. I made it until 7:30 am and then went to bed and passed out cold. The only thing that woke me was Jared asking for lunch. All part of my securing that bad parenting award.

Not entirely true but when you have older kids you don't have to wait on them as much. Or maybe you are and I'm just taking slacker to a whole new level? I can't say as I really care.

Moving on...

The wedding was beautiful and there is so much hope riding on those two that you can't help but with them Godspeed and good luck. All leading up to the royal wedding I couldn't help but think of Diana. Then to pass the time away until the wedding started, I think I watch every show on the whole royals. I have dubbed Charles and Camilla, Sir Chuck and Lady Horse Blanket. And my reasons are because Charles never really protected Diana and Camilla stole a lot from Diana. And now that Lady Di is gone, Lady Horse Blanket is now wearing a lot of Lady Di's jewels.

What's the British term for that's just cold and wrong?

Get your own set of jewels and tweak them like Diana did instead of just pilfering hers! I'm sure there are a lot to choose from for crying out loud. I don't see the Queen Mum selling off a few trinkets in this slumping economy. Just shows Camilla has no creativeness of her own - just takes from others.

And it's after I made a statement like that that I realized I watched too much TV. Especially when I had weird royal dreams. I woke up expecting my maid to bring my tiara. What can I say? My issues have issues.

Then I caught the rest of the news and it was weird going from royal elegance to tornado devastation. There are no words that can even come close to expressing all the emotions watching that. That so messes with your head, btw. Or maybe it was just my head it messed with. I was almost a complete puddle of tears but one of the boys grabbed the remote, turned off the TV, handed me a box of Kleenex to try and mop myself up, and reminded me we had stuff to do.

Good call.

The older guys went backpacking and Jared and I wished them well while shaking our heads they are crazy. J and I ran some errands and then we went out to Fridays for dinner. He mentioned his birthday is in a week and the waitresses all oohed and aahed over him. Dude totally ate that up with a spoon. You would think he never has any attention paid to him the way he was acting. As if.

We then went to see Hoodwinked 2. I will pause to say I really liked Hoodwinked 1. It was funny and snarky - these are both favorite elements for me. Hoodwinked 2 was 3D and since I drew the short straw, I took Jared to see it.

I will miss that time I will never get back.

It was awful! Graphics were old school 3D, story line was beyond lame, and I give it 2 thumbs down with a wooden mallet to knock yourself out with. Jared loved it. Personally, I think it's because he was jacked up on cotton candy and a frozen coke.

I told you, I am going all out for that award.

So when we got home, jacked up on serious sugar boy didn't want to go to bed. I played a little bit of Star Wars Legos with him but he quickly decided he wanted to watch another movie. I was all for this and he popped in X-Men 3. Whoopee.

How I didn't pass out on the couch is still a mystery.

When that was done, I dragged dude off to bed and then proceeded to pass out. I will say that I was beyond happy to have the bed to myself. I think Hubby has crossed the line of snuggling to holding me down so I don't escape. And for some reason he keeps trying to hog my pillow. Granted I sleep with 3 but they are mine. So I slept great! Until Jared woke me up to ask if he could see what was on TV.

If I wasn't so out of it, I would have slapped him with my slipper.

Actually, he wanted me to get up and at it because I had said I MIGHT take him to Subway for lunch. Totally forgot that kids read might as a yes. At least Jared does. I don't think I've slapped him with enough slippers.

We just got done eating right as the guys got home. I hear fun was had by all. All except me but this is the price one pays when they don't own a tiara. At least I didn't have to cook so there was some fun to be had.

Except now I have camping laundry to do on top of the regular stuff, we have to grocery shop this week, AND the in-laws are coming in for a landing.

Where is that friggin tiara and the royal staff when I need it???